Bailey Doting Pet Carer

Bondi, NSW
Dog Walking

About Bailey

Ever since I was a little kid I've had a real love for animals. I feel that as I'm moving to a new state, having a pet around would make me feel less lonely.

I grew up with a dog and a cat. My dog was a golden retriever and his name was Gus. I loved that dog so much, he used to sleep outside my door every night when I lived with my parents. I also had a tabby cross chinchilla cat named violet. She was extremely beautiful but very self reliant by choice. I now don't have any pets because I've been living in share houses, though I often visit my Aunty who has two beautiful dogs.

Other skills and qualifications.

I don't have any professional experience with dogs, though Gus and violet were my pets and so I was in charge of feeding and feeding them as well as walking Gus.

About Bailey Doting Pet Carer

Listing Summary.

Hello, I'm new to sydney and have a lot of time on my hands and will be spending a lot of time walking and exploring. Would love to take your pet along with me for some company :)

Distance willing to travel to visit your home.


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The length of each walk.

1 hour1 hour

Last minute bookings.


Cancellation policy.

Flexible (Always refundable)Flexible (Always refundable)

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