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Annabel's Dog Walking

by Annabel   

  Blackburn, Victoria | Dog Walking
About Annabel

I've always loved animals and I am completing Certificate III in Animal Studies currently, I wish to work with animals for my entire career!

I own 4 turtles and lizards so I've had more experience with reptiles, but I get weekly experience with dogs as I walk my friends' dogs as often as I can and I treat them in my tafe course.

My skills and qualifications.
I have received Certificate II in Animal Studies and currently doing Certificate III in Animal studies
I will be completing Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in 2018.


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About Annabel's Dog Walking

The services that I offer.

I will happily take your dog/dogs for walks as often as they need! I will also house sit for your dogs or cats when you are away or just need a bit of help!

The charges for my service.

For walking I will be asking for $15 an hour, for house sitting I will be charging $30 for the day.

Why does my service stand out.

Being young and full of energy, I am always up for a challenge. No matter how your dog or cat behaves I have experience with dealing with good, bad, anxious and aggressive behaviours and will know how to work to your animals needs.

What I enjoy about the work I do.

I have always been in love with animals and seeing them happy and healthy is my number one priority!

My service is:


Cancellation policy.

Strict (<72 hours, no refunds)Strict (<72 hours, no refunds)

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