Facts about pet ownership in Italy

Facts about pet ownership in Italy

Check out some fun facts about pet ownership in Italy that you probably did not know of.


  • How many pets are there in Italy? Over 55 percent of Italian families have at least one pet, up 13 percent on 2013.
  • Dogs remain the most popular pet with over 55 percent of Italian pet owners having at least one, while cats insinuate their way into second place, as only cats can, at just under 50 percent.
  • While just under half pet owners spend at least 30 euros a month on pets, a third spend between 30 and 50 euros a month and 13 percent between 51 and 100 euros. Just under five percent spent up to 200 euros a month, 0.7 percent spent up to 300 euros and 1.14 percent over 300 euros.
  • Over half of Italian pet owners manage on under 30 euros a month. About a third spend 50 euros a month and 15 percent spend up to 300 euros on food per month.
  • Vet fees and medicines have a relatively low annual spend, perhaps this reflects on lower vet fees, or that people just take them less – another consideration is the lack of insurance policies here to cover vet fees. Every year the majority (63 percent) of pet owners spend less than 100 euros on vets fees and medicine, while just under a quarter spend up to 200 euros. Some 7 percent spend up to 300 euro and an unfortunate 4.2 percent even more than that.
  • When it comes to grooming and toiletry stuff, most owners do it themselves (65 percent) while 34 percent call in the specialists. Almost a fifth pay up to 50 euro a year, but for a little over 2 percent of owners the bill can be more than 150 euro.
  • Looking at accessories (collars, coats and so on) just under 35 percent spend up to 50 euro a year, the majority (55 percent) less than that, but there are also those who spend up to 150 euros a year.
  • Cageless pet boarding, dog boarding, pet nanny, dog kennel, dog sitting, cat sitting, pet training school and other pet care services are among the most popular services Italian pet owners are looking for their pets.

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