Top 10 Guard Dogs

Top 10 Guard Dogs

Top 10 Guard Dogs


Dogs are known to be loyal and affectionate. And for most people, companionship is the major reason why they get a pet dog. However, dogs are also insanely good at offering protection and safety! Guard dogs have been used for decades to perform various tasks. Sniffing out bombs, search and rescue, attack and defense are some examples of what these guard dogs are capable of. Of course, you won’t be having to sniff out any bombs. But having a guard dog around can certainly give you a better peace of mind.

Contrary to popular belief, guard dogs aren’t all just aggressive and violent. With the right amount of training, guard dogs can make the perfect pet! You can rely on them to protect you but at the same time also give you the snuggles. Guard dogs are, after all, still dogs! They are intensely affectionate. That’s the only reason in fact that they stay loyal to you and are willing to protect you. 

So if you are looking for some protection and affection, here are 10 guard dog breeds that you can consider getting.

1. Bullmastiff


The crossover of a Bulldog and a Mastiff, the Bullmastiff is a larger guard dog breed. Due to their size, they don't exactly do well in agility and speed. But for their lack of speed, they make up for it with their strength! They are known to be incredibly loyal, affectionate and courageous, especially towards people they have grown accustomed to. They would be more than willing to take a bullet for you. 

However, due to their size, running and walking for long hours aren’t exactly a good option for this dog. It is best that the dog is left at home to protect his territory. This breed also tend to have quite a rough temperament with other dogs and people. So taking the dog out for a walk at the park is definitely a risk. 

When it comes to family, you don’t have to worry about the temperament! If the dog is trained since young and has been regularly socializing with the family members, the Bullmastiff will be incredibly loving towards the family. So be sure that the dog is properly trained and socialized! 

2. Akita


This dog breed is known to be the symbol for happiness and long life in Japan. That’s definitely an added bonus in getting this dog as your pet! The Akita is a mountain dog breed originated in Japan. They may look fluffy and fun to snuggle with, but they actually make excellent guards. This breed is also known to be intensely protective over their owner. In fact, they were used as guards to protect the Japanese emperor back in the Middle Ages! 

Under their clouds of fur, they are actually big built and can pack a punch with their muscles. They are incredibly strong, making them intimidating. Due to their big built and protective nature, it is best to get them socialized early with your family and with other dogs or people. Usually, they wouldn’t bark or get aggressive unless they instinctively see that it’s needed. 

This dog breed is also known to be really clean! But you have to be prepared to do some grooming due to their thick layers of fur. They are also generally odorless. This makes it suitable for home conditions. In terms of kids, they are as affectionate towards them as they are to their owner. Though you still have to be careful, this dog breed will not get aggressive around family members. 

3. Boxer


If you are looking for a breed that’s easier to handle, the Boxer is for you! Unlike the other breeds in this list, the Boxer is a beginner-friendly breed. Due to its friendly and deeply affectionate nature, the boxer makes a great family dog. Undoubtedly, the dog is also good with kids. 

How exactly then is this breed a good guard dog? The Boxers have always been naturally protective. While they love to snuggle with you in bed, they’ll also be on guard to watch out for any incoming harm. If trained rightly, the Boxers can make fantastic family guard dogs. Especially if you have kids, the Boxer is a breed that’ll both adore and protect them! 

This dog is also highly athletic and has high energy. This means that you have to train and keep it exercising to meet its daily quota for energy spent. Do expect to spend quite some time to play and train if you were to get this breed. If you are always busy, then this dog might not be a good idea for you!

4. German Shepherd


Probably one of the most well-known guard dog ever, the German Shepherd is known for their loyalty and intelligence. Though they are athletic, they aren’t big in muscles. But they make up for it in agility and obedience. This breed is trained to be working with the police force due to their ability to learn commands fast and to obey to it. 

German Shepherds are extremely loyal but their loyalty are usually bound to a single specific person. Once you have established the bond, they would do nearly everything for you. They are extremely courageous and at the same time, obedient. This makes them the perfect guard dog. 

At homes where there're kids, they are docile. It's recommended socializing your dog early with the family members. In any case, German Shepherd is definitely the dog for you if you want an incredibly trainable dog. 

5. Appenzeller Sennenhund


Smaller than most guard dogs, this breed redeems itself with its agility and energy. They were originally trained to be farm dogs. This means that their intelligence and obedience can be well honed as well. Agility with intelligent obedience would be the perfect tag team to make the ideal guard dog. They are also naturally wary of strangers but are obviously friendly with their own owners. All of these factors make up a tiny yet dangerous guard dog that’s good to have around. 

6. Rottweiler


Rottweilers are probably one of the most intimidating looking guard dog one can have. These dogs love rough which is what you want when looking for a guard dog! Their temperament is a bit on the rougher side as well. It is known that they usually don’t do too well with strangers. They have to be introduced properly beforehand to prevent aggression. With that said, it is a must to socialize your Rottweiler as a pup. This would teach your Rottie when is it okay to be aggressive and when it isn’t!

Apart from strangers, Rottweiler are extremely affectionate and loyal. Any owners of Rottweiler would tell you just how adorable Rottweilers can be! So show Rottweilers some love too and get one as your pet. As long as your Rottie is under your commands and is well-trained, they would make the perfect guard dog. 

7. Doberman Pinscher


If you have a large piece of land, getting a Doberman would be perfect due to their incredible speed. The mistake most people make is underestimating the slim built that Doberman has. Dobermans are extremely fast, agile and energetic. This means a lot of play time and training, but it makes it all the way worth it. This breed is ranked as the fifth most intelligent dog at one point, proving its capabilities. Get it well-trained and watch this breed run laps for you to keep you safe.

8. Cane Corso


Translated from Latin, this dog’s name literally means “bodyguard dog”. They often weight from 85 to 125 pounds. Since they are large, they can easily ward off intruders based on their sheer size. If force is needed in worse cases, this dog is also known to have high pain tolerance. It's said that not even electric fences could stop this dog.  

When it comes to family, this breed can be really affectionate. However, they do need to be trained! This means that this breed generally not suitable for first time owners. If left untrained, the breed’s dominating instinct could overpower the owner’s authority. Due to the dog’s innate guarding instinct, training should focus on obedience and sharpening its instinctive skills. 

The Cane Corso can also be aggressive with strangers. So bringing your dog for a stroll at the park can be dangerous. This makes training all the more important! Without proper training, a loose Cane Corso can be dangerous to everyone. Though this dog would make a good guard dog with all its perks, an inexperience owner may not know how to train it. Make sure you have what it takes! 

9. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers


Unlike the golden and labs, the Chesapeake Bay is not as friendly towards strangers as the other two. Though they aren’t exactly aggressive, they are cautious and aware. However, when it comes to their own family, you can expect the same loyalty and affection that golden and lab has! 

This dog breed is unique for its waterproof coat. They are naturally good with water and hunting. In fact, they were bred to fetch waterfowls! With this said, this dog loves to be active. They will also shed a lot and due to its waterproof coat, they can carry an odor. This means more cleaning and bathing! With this said, you would need the time and energy to commit into all of these. However, their instinct as guard dogs would definitely make up for all the work. 

10. Estrela Mountain Dogs


One of the oldest breeds in Portugal, these dogs are incredibly protective and gentle with their owners. With this said, they’ll make an exceptional family watch dog, especially if there are kids around. Though they would do great in family settings, they might choose one individual as their legitimate owner. They are both extremely clever and courageous but also calm in their temperament. However, they also need to be taken out for walks. They would also need quite a large amount of space for them to roam around. They might turn destructive if they are in the same room for too long, especially if it’s a tight space. 

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