Top 7 Exercises You Can Do With Your Dog Today!

Top 7 Exercises You Can Do With Your Dog Today!

Top 7 Exercises You Can Do With Your Dog Today!


Want to lose weight but have no motivation? Why not get a dog to workout with you!? Many people get dogs for various reasons. From fulfilling the desire for companionship to a profound passion for animals, dogs have been the top choice for household pets. But one of the major benefits to having a dog that most people look over is the fact that dog can be your new gym buddy! Well, obviously not literally but it’s undeniable that having a dog gives you new motivations to exercise. 

No matter the reason, getting a dog would naturally make you more active due to the fact that dogs need to be active as well. With this said, if you are looking for someone to be with you on this exercise journey, a dog may just be the perfect “someone”! 

Why Exercise?

Clearly, exercising has a lot of health benefits, both physically and mentally. It’s obvious that dogs are way healthier and happy when regular exercises are given. On a general note, most dogs require a daily exercise of 2 to 3 hours. It may vary depending on your dog’s age and breed. It’s also way more fun to exercise with a dog rather than alone. Your dog would keep you so occupied that you’ll end up forgetting about your muscle pains! Exercises are also good bonding activities. There is no doubt that you will develop strong bonds with your dog through exercises.

However, not all dogs are suitable for that active lifestyle. Some breeds, like pugs, are not meant to undergo highly intense exercises. Make sure you know your dog’s physical limitations before engaging in any exercise routines! If you prefer outdoor exercises then also make sure that your dog is well-trained. Though it isn’t completely necessary, it is definitely safer. Simple call back commands would work well in times of emergency. You should also get your dog paw wax to protect your dog’s paws from any injuries. 

With these said, start doing these 8 exercises with your dog now!

1. Running 


Go for a run! One of the easiest way to exercise with your dog is to simply go for a run. If your dog is untrained, make sure that you start slow. You can train your dog by letting it get used to walking beside you when on leash. Eventually, you would want to have your dog to follow your lead when on leash. The time taken to leash train your dog can also be used to slowly improve your dog’s stamina! This way, he would be more prepared to run. 

It is recommended to use hands-off leash when running so that it’s easier for you to move around. However, hands-off leash aren’t recommended for dogs who aren’t well-trained. You should also train your dog for call back commands in case of emergencies. 

Also track down your records and work your way up. It is obviously not a good idea to go intense on the first few rounds. Test out your dog’s endurance and from there, slowly increase the speed and distance. You’ll also need to bring more water with you for both you and your dog. Take breaks when needed and overall, just enjoy the exercise! 

2. Hiking


Another great exercise would be hiking! Especially if you are a nature lover, going hiking with your dog is the perfect activity for a Saturday morning. If your dog is a beginner, find a simpler trail to hike. Preferably something that is accessible for nearly everyone. Also start hiking with your dog on a cooler day. If the weather is too hot, your dog may not get used to the heat. This may cause injuries to his paws. Once your dog is comfortable enough with going out hiking with you, feel free to explore different woods, mountains or waterfalls! 

3. Hot Wheels


Do you like to cycle? Why not do it with your dog!? Though it has its risks, cycling should be done safely and carefully. It is recommended that the dog is at the very least 1.5 years old where their bones are well-developed. At the same time, dogs that are too old are also not recommended. It is always a good idea to always consult your local veterinarian beforehand. Start off slow and always make sure that your leash is well put on. Make sure that your dog is also obedient to your commands in case of emergency stops. If you have a smaller dog, get a basket! Place your dog in the basket and place it in front of your bicycle. Ride along in your bike as your dog breezes through the wind. 

If cycling is not for you, you can try skateboarding as well! Similarly make sure that your dog is more than 1 year old. Also make sure that your dog is not out of shape and is strong enough to pull you. If not, you can slowly work your way up. Get your dog to wear a harness instead of a chain to prevent choking. You have to also be able to read your dog’s condition. Make sure that your dog is not dehydrated or too exhausted. 

Overall, have fun! Ensure that all safety measures are taken so that there will be no injuries. 

4. Swimming


It’s no secret that dogs are natural swimmers. So why not go for a swim? Though not all dogs do well with water, those that do will certainly enjoy a swim on a hot day. If your dog is one of those dogs that absolutely love water, then this sport is for you! It’s proven that swimming is one of the fastest way to build up a strong body. If your dog doesn’t mind the water but it doesn’t know how to swim, don’t worry. Swimming Is also a trainable sport. Start with a life jacket to make sure that your dog stays afloat. Naturally, your dog would kick about in the water. Give your dog a few tries and watch your dog out swim Michael Phelps! 

5. Obstacle Course


Bring your dog to obstacle courses dedicated for dogs! Let them run laps, crawl through tunnels and do high jumps. Obstacle courses are great because they are holistic in every way. They don’t just engage physically with the dogs but also mentally. You’ll be able to train them to listen to your commands and improve their cognitive skills along the way. And all of these are done in an extremely fun environment! 

Find a local canine sports centre or a public dog-friendly park that has the necessary facilities to start. If you are lazy to go out, you can even make your own DIY obstacle course at home! There are various in-house materials that can be used for the obstacle course. All you need is just some researching and hard work. 

6. Tug of War


Tug of war is a great exercise both physically and mentally for your dog. This exercise is known for developing deep bonds between the dog and the owners. It also cultivate impulse control and build confidence that will certainly do well for the dog. And if you’re feeling lazy, this exercise is the easiest go-to to burn off excess energy from your dog. 

However, playing tug of war is not as easy as pulling something from your dog’s mouth! Sometimes, you can and should deliberately let your dog “win” in the game sessions. Some people are against it as they are afraid that this might teach the dog to dominate the owner. But that’s not necessarily the case! Instead, you’re building a strong rapport and showing them that it’s fun to be around you. Tug of War also gives you a good opportunity to teach your dog commands to let go or to drop the objects that they have in their mouth. 

You should also watch out for safety hazards while doing this exercise. Make sure that you don’t pull too hard. The dog should definitely remain on ground. There are some cases where the dog are lifted off the ground. Safe to say, this is NOT the right way to do it! That exposes your dog to risk of spine or jaw injuries. Tug in accordance to the strength that your dog is suitable with. 

7. Fetch


Last but not least, who can beat a good old game of fetch? Find a stick at your nearby park, throw it and watch your dog make a run for it. There’s no easier way to make your dog sweat than to play a game of fetch with him! If you wanna sweat too, grab another friend along and have a Frisbee competition. Sure, you may need to train your dog commands to give you back the object but it’s not exactly hard. And honestly, it’s worth the effort! This game can be played literally anywhere. 

With these said, exercising with your dog is very much possible! And that’s one of the best thing about having a dog. Not only is there fun but it comes with health and company as well. 

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