What is the Perfect Dog Poop?

What is the Perfect Dog Poop?

What is the Perfect Dog Poop?

poop normal

Color: Dog Poop should be chocolate brown. If your dog is eating food with added colors in it, the colrs might come through too

Shape: Dog Stool should be shaped like logs and maintain their form, if droppings are round, your dog maybe dehyrated

Consistency: Normal dog poop should be compact, moistm and easy to pick up from the grass, but feel like play-doh when squished. Diarrhea or watery feces without any form at all is often an indiation of intestinal upset

Size: The volume of your dog's waste should be proportinate to be amount of food he regularly consumes. It also increases as the fiber content in his dog food increases.

Content: Mucus could be an indication of an inflamed colon, while excessive grass in addition to the poop's fecal contents could be an indication of stress or gastruc upset. If he has a dermatological probem and he's losing hair or licking alot, he may have increased hair in his stool. Small, white bits in your dog's stool may mean he's got worms, so a trip to the veterinarian is in order!

What do different Colors mean?

dogs poop color chart

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Chocolate Brown: Normal

Green: Excessive grass consumed or a gail bladder issue

Orange or Yellow: May be billary or liver issue

Red Streaks: Blood in dog stool;check your dog's anus for cuts

Back & Tarry: May mean bleeding in the upper GI tract

Grey & Greasy: Maybe Pancreas or billary issue

White Spots: Maybe a sign of Tapeworms

 (Original Infograhic by American Kennel Club with Infograhic being excerpted)

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