6 important items to be included for Pet Service Contract

6 important items to be included for Pet Service Contract

Since 1994, the Pet's market has more than tripled in size and grown from 17 billion to over 60 billion in 2015 in the U.S. alone. This means that there are more pets who need to be fed, walked, entertained, groomed and boarded. As a professional pet service provider, you are always encourage to sign a contract with the pet owner each time you performed a service. Your pet service contract is a legal document. As such, it is vital that the contract your pet service business uses adheres to state and local laws. Combined with pet service liability insurance, your pet service contract is your best defense against possible legal claims against you and your company.

This list is not all-inclusive, but provides an outline of information you want to be sure to capture in your pet service contract. Each pet service is unique and your pet service contract will need to be tailored to address the specific services you offer and any specific policies and procedures your pet service business follows. 

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As you begin to prepare a pet service contract, here are 6 items you want to be sure to include:

  1. Services provided: Be sure to include what services you will be providing (feeding, boarding, sitting, play time, dog walks, etc.), as well as the frequency (how many times a day will you visit.)
  2. Pet's Medical and behavior history:T his is where the owner will note any health conditions or medications the pets may need. The pet’s temperament, shy, aggressive towards other pets and etc.
  3. Pet’s routine: This stated the service covered by Pet Service Provider and the important routines such as a pet's typical feeding time and location. Additional information can be their usual hiding places and special toys, tv channel, music the pet like or if there is a specific path the dog likes to be walked?
  4. Home rules: This section is about understanding the preference of the owner regrading what is allowed/not allowed in their home. Are there any off-limit areas and are you allowed to use their tools and appliances, wireless internet? It shall also includes the keys and alarm codes information to ensure you have access into the home for your visits.
  5. Prices and payments: This will be your rates per hour or per day. It include terms of payment information in the pet-sitting contract, such as deposit, the full payment at the first visit or completion of the assignment? The payment form can be cash, check, paypal or Credit cards. 
  6. Client contact information: This is where you are put in the pet parents contact information, such as address, contact number and emergency contact person if cannot reach the pet parent.


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