The best dog names, and how to name your puppy

The best dog names, and how to name your puppy

Naming your family pet is one of  the most beautiful moment when owning a pet. Petbacker has been committed to help pet owners to decide how they should name their pets, and it took Petbacker more than 2 years to conduct a comprehensive surveys and gathered information from 400,000 pet owners in regard to the questions of “why you give this precious name to your dog” , “does the dog name match your character of your pet”, as well as “do you name your dog based on their breed”.

Based on our surveys, we want to share with all pet’s owner some inspiring and fun ideas that are relevant to giving names for your fur babies! 

For instance, we found that many owners named their pets after childhood movie characters, famous celebrities, their human friend, different seasons of the year etc. It is amazingly shocking to note that there are even pet owners who named their pets based on numerological method. 

Method that owners use to name their pets.

Less than 4.5% of owners named their Pets based on Seasons of the year

Each season represents its special meaning. Some owners love to name their dogs based on the seasons and months which they were born such as spring, summer, autumn and winter. For example, babies who were born during spring season can be named Haru, in Japanese, ha ru は る) means spring. Some babies who are brought home by their owners in summer are directly named as summer. For babies born in the cold winter, they can be named as winter. 

From the above ideas, the following are some of the names which you may take into consideration:

Spring - Asher, Abril, Lily or Spring rolls

Summer - Sunny, Lia, Lilac or Summer ball

Autumn - Pablo, Raven, Mooncake or Cinnamon

Winter - Polar, Santa, Sparkle or Gabby

More than 55.2% of owners named their Pets based on Human Names 

Human names make great and meaningful names for dogs and puppies too. If your dog loves running, you may consider one of the suggested human names below to give him or her some cool attitudes.

Female dogs can be named as Anne, Anna, Angel, Alice, Lucy, Emily, Juliet, Amy, etc. Alternatively, the owner can use the characters from TV series as reference. Male dogs can be named as Jack, Nick, Mike, Peter, David, Henry, Irwin etc.

Less than 4.1% of owners named their Pets based on Foodie Name

Food naming method is also a very popular naming method. The pet owner can base on food names according to their pets’ fur colours or their own favourite food.

White fur – Tofu, Cauliflower, Onion, Garlic

Yellow-ish fur – Milk Tea, Coffee, Potato, Banana

Black fur - Cola, Sesame, Pepper, Seaweed

You can also call these little guys directly with your favourite snacks, such as pudding, buns, milkshake, noodle, cheese, cupcake, dumplings and other food. 

To our surprise, about 30.3% of owners named their Pets based on Numerology method

Pet owners can actually name their pets using numerology naming method, owners will count the number belonging to their pets by deriving it from the dates of birth of their pets, and put a name that matches the pet birthday so the pet will have the character they want to have. 

This can be done by finding the pet Life Path number, these Number can be obtained by adding the birthday numbers together until you get a single digit, for an example, a pet was born in November 14th, 2018, it would be = 1+1+1+4+2+0+1+8 = 18 = 1+8 = 9 …, So their Life Path is a “9”.

With the life path number, they will then decide what name to give so the number changes slightly to what they wanted. How to count a name with number so they add together to become single number. For an example EDDY, E= 5,D=4,D=4,Y= 25 =2+5=7

Birthday date + Name = 9+7=16 

The final digit would be, 1+6=7

Here you go ! Your best friend Life Path Number is a “7” .

Here are some of the attributes of the different Numbers :

Number 1, is a number that represents Self, and it brings a very independent character. If your pet has a name that reduces to “1”, you expect them to be more independent, this pet will probably be headstrong! Your best friend is going to do what it wants to, so be patient. They can make excellent guard dogs or protective animals. 

Number 2, this is a Number of Cooperation and Relationships. This is the pet that will be happiest sitting in your lap! They will also like company, other pets, and humans. They don’t do well alone for extended periods. They can be naturally shy, and will dislike fireworks and thunderstorms.

Number 3, this is a Number of Creativity and Communication. With humans, they are likely to be on stage and often have a good sense of humour. They are quite social, and hyperactive, they love to be out & about, meeting new humans and other pets.

They are sometimes difficult to be trained due to a short attention span. They can be talkative too, so expect a lot of barking! They are typically good with children as they enjoy the busy energy that children brings.

Number 4, is a Number of Structure. Pets or animals with this Energy do best in structured environments. They like routines, such as feeding and training or exercise at the same times each day. 

Number 5, This is a Number of High-Energy, Chaos and Adventure. These animals love adventure! They don’t like to be cooped up too. They love riding in cars, going for walks at the park. They might not be the best choice for small children, but they will be entertaining!

Number  6, This is the Number of The Nurturer. Ideally suited to home and family, this is a very devoted and loving animal. They love affection and are quick to give it too. They love to sleep in bed with you and will love cozy warm places to snuggle in. These dogs also make for the best service animals and can be trained to help a human who has disabilities.

Number 7, This is a Number of Intelligence and Curiosity. Your best friend would probably like games or toys that challenge them …plus learning Tricks too! But they often need their own space and time. They probably have their own favourite place, and it will probably be away from everyone else. They need space, so I hope your bed is big, or they will try to dominate the space! 

Number 8, This is a Number of Abundance and Prosperity. They love studded collars, luxurious bed, even those animal-outfits! They love attention, and can be demanding. They are usually high-energy, be prepared to be lead around!

Number 9, This is a Number of The Philanthropist, Old Soul, Wisdom. They are Natural Leaders, but do not have a competitive streak, so not the best choice for a show animal. They are extremely sensitive. They know when you are hurting and when you are happy. They like a lot of physical contacts to assure that everything is alright.

Less than 3% of owners named their Pets based on Movie Character

Many young owners have their favourite cartoon characters, comic protagonists and so on. Hence, they can name their dogs by their favourite characters. For example, One Piece's Luffy, Qiaoba, Naruto, Kakashi, Doraemon etc.

About 2.9% of owners named their Pets based on Celebrity name

Pet owners do have their own favourite celebrities who they like and admire. Therefore, it’s pretty cool to name their pet according to the celebrity name, or the name of their fan club.

Imagine when he is running around on the street, and you call his name, people who passes by will think that there is a big star coming!

How to make your pets remember their name fast?

Giving a name to your pet is easy, but how do you want your pet to remember the name you gave or effect the change of name ASAP? We provide below some methods which you may adopt to make your pets remember their name.

1. Food temptation: After giving your dog a name, you need to patiently let him remember his name. One of the best ways is giving them food and treats!

2. Changing of tone: Under different circumstances, use different intonations to call the dog's name.

3. Name Tone: Calling names is limited to giving instructions and compliments, to give the dog a good impression. The next time you call its name, it will run to you right away.

After all the above suggestions, if you are still not sure of what name you give your dog, we would want to inspire you of what others named their dogs by sharing the names of the list below.

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Top 20 types of dog breeds on Petbacker with the list of names that PetBacker owners have named their dogs


(Male)Bella, Coco, Daisy, Nini, Chloe, Gigi, Ajax
(Female) Bella, Coco, Daisy, Nini, Peanut, Jesse
Jack Russell Terrier

(Male) Zeus, Bolt, Lucca, Steven, Jack, John
(Female) Hershey, Juno, Audrey, Bambi, Anthea
Toy Poodle

(Male) Louis, Alex, Maison. Jackson, Bleu
(Female) Cookie, Ginger, Nancy, Aries, Sandra
Shih Tzu

(Male) Micky, Charlie, Max, Patches, Rudy
(Female) Chewie, Nala, Madison, Rosie, Nemo
English Cocker Spaniel

(Male) Goofy, Stephen, Lucas, Loca, Lucca
(Female) Stacey, Zoe, Nancy, Zoella, Sandy
Yorkshire Terrier

(Male) Sydney, Elfie, Gatsby, Kingston, Logan
(Female) Zoe, Victoria, Sophia, Isabella , Arica

(Male) Felix, Frank, Ida, Billy, Fifi, Pippin
(Female) Piper, Nora, Rosa, Julie, Chilly

(Male) Noah, Jose, Richie, Nugget, Marshall
(Female) Bubble, Fluffy, Buttercup, Blossom

(Male) Oscar, Riley, Max, Harry, Rocky, Zeus, Zach
(Female) Sammy, Ladybug, Samantha, Katie, Rina

(Male) Bagel, Gus, Hank, Winston, Harper
(Female) Mia, Belle, Shiloh, Ella, Emma
Crossed or Mixed Breed (Cavoodle, Mongrel , Singapore Special)

(Male) Sam, Finley, Scout, Roy, Russel, Lucky, Goodie, Baby
(Female) Sadie, Misty, Fenella, Luna, Marie, Mimi. Piper 

(Male) Hanako, Haru, Kiko, Mio, Shinju
(Female) Kitsune, Foxy, Hiro, Akira, Aki
German Shephard

(Male) Max, Kaiser, Roxy, Louis, Tiger 
(Female) Erma, Ethel, Giltha, Ida, Jolie

(Male) Jet, Bolt, Alpha, Hunter, Wolf, Blackie
(Female) Xena, Mulan, Belle, Elsa, Tanya

(Male) Junior, Peewee, Mike, Smalley, Shorty 
(Female) Pippa, Princess, Queenie, Winnie, Twiggy

(Male) Henry, Buster, Louie, Olive, Oakley
(Female) Olivia, Sammy, Winnie, Lucky, Brandy
French Bulldog

(Male) Brewster, Brody, Corky, Buddy, Ernie
(Female) Bella, Cookie, Jenny, Chewie, Sophie

(Male) Lulu, Bentley, Dexter, Jack, Buster,Pepper
(Female) Ollie, Sandy, Mia, Piper, Peppa,Snow White
King Charles Spaniel

(Male) Henry, Hopper, Rowley, Doodle
(Female) Berry, Holly, Nancy, Chucky, Winter

(Male) Anot, Cosette, Bangle, Spark, Atlanta 
(Female) Cherry, Lizzy, Lucy, Frida, Bella


Still need more suggestion for naming your pet?
Feel free to post a picture of your pet at the comment section below, and let other pet lover's to suggest a great name for you!

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