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Hi my name is Julia and I'm going to tell you why I'm the most amazing person to watch your little furry friend! I absolutely love animals, and have had 9+ years of experience with them. I think that they are ABSOLUTELY adorable!
I have owned a little mini Aussie since I was 11, and I absolutely love her. Her name is Una and I had so much fun walking her training her and all sort of other things. I want to help people who can't afford the time to look after their own pooch. I know it's hard, and I don't want to see you having to give away your pooch. So here I am to help! I have helped with several neighbours with training and walking and even boarding so I am ready for your little furry friend!

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I have a great skill with learning to train dogs and I just have a way with them :)

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A few brief things about myself and my home, my name is Julia. I have been around dogs for quite a long time, and taking care of your pups will be easy and I will know what to do! Our home is a town house, with a backdoor opening to a medium sized backyard where your pups can get a breath of fresh air! Also, we live right across from a beautiful grassy soccer field where Loki can stroll, relax or run until they fall down tired. (Their choice :)
I also own my own dog Una, she is now turning 3 so I'm not sure if they will get along just fine. She is very friendly and wouldn't hurt any dog. She is a mini Australian Shepard who can be quite shy until she gets to know you, and will be quite funny and playful. She and your dogs will be taken on walks together and can explore the river trail together. There is a river trail near us where there is a beautiful stream where Una and your pups will go for a stroll. Una has gotten all her medications, vaccines and is fixed, so not to worry!
Please contact me if I can look after your pup! :)

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