Pet Service Providers FAQ

After downloaded the App :

1) Tap on your "Profile".

2) Scroll down to "My Pet Services".

3) Tap on "Add Pet Service".

list service 1


 4) Select the service you would like to offer.

list service 2


5) Give your service a name.

list service 3


 6) Describe your services in detail.

list service 4


 7) Select the locations you cover.

 list service 5


8) Upload images that best describes your services.

list service 6


Check out this 60 second video for a quick overview on how to list your services

how to list on petbacker


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Here are the 5 simple steps to get hired and paid. 

  1. Respond to a job and offer a quote
  2. Chat and discuss
  3. Get pre-payment for booking
  4. Start the job
  5. Mark the job as complete and redeem your payment

1) Respond to a job and offer a quote

Jobs matched to you appear in your jobs page. Tap on it to view details of the job , then tap on "I am interested" to offer your quote, Tapping on "Send Quote" will send your quote to the customer.

Read this FAQ for "How do I make an offer and request payment from a pet parent?".

2) Chat and discuss

When you have sent your quote to the pet owner you will be able to discuss the details of the job and their pet. You are not allowed to share your contact information at this stage. Doing that might result in your account being restricted and being unable to respond to new jobs.

You can edit your quote at anytime during the conversation by tapping on "Your Quote"

Read this FAQ for "How do I make an offer and request payment from a pet parent?".

3) Get pre-payment for booking

When you have agreed on a price with the pet owner you can ask the pet owner to make a pre-payment for the booking with you. This amount is FULLY REFUNDABLE if the pet owner does not wish to proceed with the booking after a meet and greet or before the job starts. After the pre-payment is made then you can share your contact information to arrange for a meet and greet. You will know when the booking is paid for and hired when you see the notification of "Payment has been made: $XXX" in the chat. It would look like the below:

Getting a pre-payment

  • reduces the chances the pet owner cancels on you at the last minute
  • ensures you get paid when you have completed the job well
  • PetBacker will also cover the pet with insurance so you do not have to bear the medical fees in case something unfortunate happens.

If you would like to advice the pet owner on how to make a payment, read this FAQ for "How do I make payment?".

Learn more about the "Premium Protection Coverage".

4) Start the job

When the pet owner is alright after the pet and greet (they usually are if they have made a pre-payment and you have been truthful about your services!) they will leave their pet with you and you can start with the job.

5) Mark the job as complete and redeem your payment

When you have completed the job and returned the pet to the pet owner you can then mark the job as complete and redeem the payment for you job from PetBacker. You get to redeem the payment right after the pet parent leaves you a good review or 2 days after the dispute period. Payments take up to 5 banking days to reflect in your account after you have redeemed it.

Read this FAQ for "How to close a job and review the pet parents?"

Read this FAQ for "How do I get paid?"

If you would like to advice the pet owner how to leave you a review, read this FAQ for "How to close a job and review the sitter?"

Thats it! 5 simple steps to getting your first job and getting paid. If you have any questions, do check out the Help Center or contact support in the app.

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Starting out as a pet sitter and offering your services on PetBacker is free, and you can set your own rates. When you get a reservation, a 18-25% service fee is deducted from the total booking amount.

PetBacker service fees are implemented in levels based on the number of jobs you have completed.
- You will start off with 25% of the job value
- After 5 jobs the service fee will be reduced to 20%
- After 150 jobs the service fee will be reduced to 19%
- After 300 jobs the service fee will be reduced to 18%

Any pet sitter/host suspected of soliciting payment outside of PetBacker will be suspended without notice.
1. Requesting customers to revise a booking from many days/visits/walks to one
2. Promoting other platforms
3. Requesting customers contact you outside by visiting Facebook, Google search, Map or other social media
4. Exchange of contacts or meet up before booking but not closing the deal (Penalty of 40% of the Fees to remove your account restriction)
5. Giving customers an unreasonable low rate or discount as a deposit (e.g. USD$1 for a Booking to get contact or to deal outside)
6. Cancelling or getting cancelled for a hired booking without good reason
7. Subsequent bookings or extensions not made via the platform
8. Misleading customers that PetBacker charges fees without informing them the importance of Pet Insurance that PetBacker includes in the hope they will deal with you outside
9. Requesting for Cash payment outside the platform
10. Requesting customers to pay Hidden fees outside the platform

To restore your service fees from:
- First time suspected mistake, 30% to 20%, complete 5 new bookings
- Second time suspected mistake, 30% to 20%, complete 10 new bookings.

For the third suspected mistake onwards, you will not receive anymore broadcast job requests, only normal Direct job requests at 35% of the fees.


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sitter payment 001

1) Select the job you are interested in


sitter payment 002

2) Tap on "I am interested" to start giving a quote.


sitter payment 002

3) Select the rates you would like to charge


sitter payment 002

4) You will now be able to message the pet parent and understand more about the job. You can modify your quote anytime during the chat before you are hired by tapping on "Your Quote"


sitter payment 002

5) You can add another item by tapping the "+" icon.

6) You can also edit an existing item by tapping on it.


sitter payment 002

7) When the pet parent has accepted your quote, you will be notified in the app as well as your email.

8) When the job is complete tap on "Close job" to inform PetBacker to release the money to you.


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PetBacker exists to make it easier to have a dog, cat or other pets in your life. Running the business—including world-class customer support, a team of trust and safety experts, and an innovative and secure platform used by thousands of pet lovers every day—requires ongoing funds. These standard service fees, which remain at or below industry norms, help allow PetBacker to operate and continually improve to meet the needs of our growing community.

Pet sitters, dog walkers and pet service providers are the cornerstone of our business—without their passion, hard work, and devotion to providing amazing pet care, we wouldn't be here. We're here to provide ongoing support, educational opportunities, and to help each individual grow their business—and we’re in it for the long haul. These fees help us do that, along with facilitating PetBacker’s customer support, trust and safety coverage, and important site maintenance and product improvements. They also help cover benefits for sitters and pet service providers, including the costs of processing payments and ongoing promotion of pet services on PetBacker.

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Here are a few of the benefits that you will enjoy when receiving payments from pet parents through PetBacker for your bookings:

  • Job confirmation with booking fees notification
  • Secure your payment and get payment when the job is completed satisfactorily
  • Get protected with Premium Protection Coverage when you hit a certain amount of accumulated fees
  • Get a Super Backer status

Payment outside of PetBacker is against our terms and conditions so do avoid delisting of your services by receiving your payments through PetBacker only. 

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Important: Booking and getting paid through PetBacker is required per our Terms of Service. Never accept cash or checks as payment—this can expose you to fraud, get your account flagged for suspension, and make your stays and walks ineligible for premium insurance and 24/7 support.
1. Tap the "Profile" icon in the PetBacker app.

redeem payment 1
2. Tap Payments Account.

redeem payment 2
3. Tap Earning History.

redeem payment 33
4. Then click on the Redeem Now button to redeem your money.

redeem payment 4

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1. Go to "Inbox"

modify quote 1

2. Select "Job"

3. Tab on the request that you want to edit the quote

modify quote 2

4. Select "Your Quote"

modify quote 3

5. Select the quote you wanted to modify

modify quote 4

6. Key in the new value and save it.

modify quote 5

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No. All payments must be made through the PetBacker platform. By using the PetBacker platform, you commit to making your initial and future reservations on the PetBacker website. 

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While owners are charged at the time of booking, PetBacker holds onto those funds until the service is complete. You'll see your payment ready for withdrawal in your PetBacker account two days after you've completed a service. Is this your first time withdrawing payment from PetBacker? We recommend adding your payout account before your first booking--that’s because there’s a 72 hour hold before you can transfer funds to a newly added payout account.

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For pet sitters and dog walkers on PetBacker, these fees are designed to support you every step of the way, and they’re standard in our industry. We use these standard service fees to do things like:

  • Continually improve your experience with the PetBacker website and mobile apps.
  • Expand our Trust & Safety team to offer best-in-class support.
  • Create original educational content specifically for sitters and pet service providers.

In short, these fees help us build our business so we can keep on building yours.

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Pet Sitter (our Backer) will give a quote to pet parent, the fees quoted is only what the Pet Parent will pay (occasionally, with the fees like VAT, GST if any). Upon sucessful payment and hire, PetBacker only deducts 20-25% of the total amount charged by the sitters or pet service providers to the Pet Parents. (which means the Pet Care Provider will take home only 75-80% of the amount charged).

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The browse job feature lets you browse all job leads that were not automatically matched to the services you provide. This lets you pick up jobs that you may not have listed your services for. For example if you offer boarding services and someone requests for daycare services, you won't be automatically matched to that request but you can still pick up that job from here.

The distance of the job leads that you can view from your location varies by region and service.

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Of course. You are totally free to decide which animal you'll take responsibility for. Your calendar also allows you to give your availability.

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If you have received the link to your personal listing webpage

listing page

1) Share the link to that webpage to your friends and customers and request that the person reviewing you scroll down till they see the review button that looks like below:

review button

2) Tap on "Write a Review" to open the review page.

leave review

3) They can then leave you a rating as well as a review.


If you have the app

1) Tap on your "Profile".

2) Tap on the listing you would like to get reviews for in "My Pet Services".


3) Tap on reviews

review step 1


4) Tap get more reviews

review step 1


5) Share the link by copy and pasting it to your friends or use the shortcut links to share directly to your favorite social media

review step 1


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1) Tap on your "Profile".

2) Tap on the listing you would like to find the web link for in "My Pet Services".


3) Tap on one of the social share methods, for instance "Whatsapp".


4) You will find your listing web link in the share message


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PetBacker requires that you follow your local laws and regulations regarding licensing and other requirements. Requirements vary by location, so check with your local Animal Control to learn about the regulations where you live.

Often, licensing regulations apply only to facilities that handle a high volume of dogs. If you sit for one or two dogs at a time, you may not need a license. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to check your local regulations.

PetBacker will not be held responsible for any legal action taken against you should you fail to adhere to your local laws and regulations regarding licensing and other requirements.

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how do i get hired 1

When a user makes a request for a pet service around you that matches the services you offer, a notification will be sent to the app and your email. A user can also request for your services directly from browsing the pet service provider directory in the app and the web.

how do i get hired 2

If you feel the pet service requested is something you are interested in, simply tap on "I am interested" and you will be able to communicate with the user via the messaging feature. 

When the user chooses to hire you, a notification of being hired will be sent to the app and your email. If another pet service provider is hired, your response will automatically be closed, vice versa, when you are hired all other responses from other pet service provider is automatically closed.

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The first 5 pet service providers who responds to a request will have the privilege of negotiating with the user for the job. The request will be closed to other pet service providers after the 5th response. Only Sponsors with credits will be able to respond after the 3rd response. Find out more about sponsors here.

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Users mostly select pet service providers based on the following:

  • The number of reviews and good comments in your listing
  • The number of certifications and trust points you have
  • The photos that you put up in your listing, the best ones are the ones that show you with a happy pet and the compound you will be hosting your pets.
  • A Sponsor subscription, which indicates that you are serious in the business and are willing to invest on your end
  • The price you are offering
  • How knowledgeable and friendly you are when communicating with the user

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