How much are the service fees?

Starting out as a pet sitter and offering your services on PetBacker is free, and you can set your own rates. When you get a reservation, a 15-25% service fee is deducted from the total booking amount.

PetBacker service fees are reduced in levels based on the number of jobs you have completed. For more information do refer to the PetBacker incentive program for the benefits you will receive.

From 1st January 2021 onwards, Pet Training services will remain with a fixed 35% service fees due to the high cost of advertising dog training and exempted from any incentive program.

New Backers service fees start at 25% due to management risk and cost of insurance. Some experienced Backers who continuosly skip the platform still have a high rate because it costs us more to manage them to ensure a secure and happy community.

*Insurance will only be included when the booking amount is above the minimum amount.

Any pet sitter/host suspected of soliciting payment outside of PetBacker will be suspended without notice.
1. Requesting customers to revise a booking from many days/visits/walks to one
2. Promoting other platforms
3. Requesting customers contact you outside by visiting Facebook, Google search, Map or other social media
4. Exchange of contacts or meet up before booking but not closing the deal (Penalty of 40% of the Fees to remove your account restriction)
5. Giving customers an unreasonable low rate or discount as a deposit (e.g. USD$1 for a Booking to get contact or to deal outside)
6. Cancelling or getting cancelled for a hired booking without good reason
7. Subsequent bookings or extensions not made via the platform
8. Misleading customers that PetBacker charges fees without informing them the importance of Pet Insurance that PetBacker includes in the hope they will deal with you outside
9. Requesting for Cash payment outside the platform
10. Requesting customers to pay Hidden fees outside the platform

To restore your service fees from:
- First time suspected mistake, 30% to 20%, complete 5 new bookings
- Second time suspected mistake, 30% to 20%, complete 10 new bookings.

For the third suspected mistake onwards, you will not receive anymore broadcast job requests, only normal Direct job requests at 35% of the fees.


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