Why can't I send personal messages in chat?

The message template system is a new feature introduced in the latest version on September 11, 2019. It allows you to still respond to pet owners even if your account is restricted by the AI system, compared to previously where you were not allowed to respond to jobs entirely.


template chat


There could be a few reasons why you are seeing the message template as in the above screen when trying to send messages to a pet owner in the chat:

1) You might have shared personal contact information before a fully refundable pre-payment for the job was made. Tap here to read more about what the benefits are and why it is safer to make a pre-payment before sharing your personal contact information. Do contact us if you feel our AI system made a mistake.

2) You are new and have less than 1 hired job.

3) You have less than 10% repeated customers or 20% repeat jobs


A few ways for you to enable the functionality to send any message you want are:

1) Have the pet owner make pre-payment for that job. The pre-payment can always be refunded or transferred to another Backer after a meet and greet if the pet owner does not find you suitable.

2) For new users, get hired for 1 job to level up to chat freely.

3) For old users, increase your repeated customers and bookings by ensuring Pet Owners make subsequent bookings on PetBacker

4) Subscribe as a Sponsor.


Finally, to avoid this restriction, refrain from sharing any contact information or third party websites before a booking for the job is made.


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