What to do when a pet passes away

This does not happen often1, however it does happen on old age pets or sick pets before Pet Sitters take over or if a cat or small pet was cared with pet sitters with large dogs2. In the event the pet owner feels that the passing of the pets is due to other reason, we recommend the pet owner to go through our standard dispute handling procedure. It will be the responsibility of the pet sitter and pet parents to send the pet for an autopsy to analyse if the death is a result of a previous sickness, or a sickness or accident during the care of the pet sitter.

The Pet Parent will be responsible for the fees incurred if the reason is due to previous sickness or old age while the Pet sitter will be responsible for the fees incurred if the death is due to an accident, poisoning, dog bites, unexpected accidents or negligence. 

As such, it is important for you to send the pet to a vet if you suspect there is an issue before it is too late. As a gesture of goodwill, PetBacker will pay up to $100 for cremation fees.

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