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I’m a super dog lover, I love dogs ever since I was a kid. I have 3 dogs and they are literally family to me. I have over 15 years’ experiences with dogs. I have passion for dogs, the more time I spent with them, the more I wanna be with them. When I’m not around with my dogs, I really wish that someone could be with them, takes good care of them, go out and play with them with the passion and patience that I have for them. So I know how it feels for a dog parent to be away from their dogs. I also provide temporary foster home for homeless dogs from volunteers sometimes, some of them are sick or wounded so I have experiences and patience to take care of dogs with medical needs. My feelings and passion as a dog owner, and experiences with foster dogs would help me to be a good dog sitter.
I have 3 dogs, my 1st dog named Sawadee - a fun, loving Shibu, sometimes could be really destructive but in a cute way. my 2nd dog – Senyai, a shy and lovely mongrel who was found in the hillside by volunteers when she was 1 month old. my 3rd dog – Kin, a pure and obedient dog who was abandon by previous owner and was left outside on his own. He was scare, diffident and wounded when he was found wandering in the garbage heap by the volunteers. But now he is getting more confident and happier day by day.

About Love At Home Dog Boarding

The services that I offer.

Dog Boarding service 狗狗暫託服務Dog sitting service上門照顧狗狗服務Dog walking service同狗狗散步服務

The charges for my service.

Dog boarding 狗狗暫託- $300/day Dog sitting 上門照顧狗狗-$160/hour, including 20-30mins walkDog walking 同狗狗散步-$170/hour

Why does my service stand out.

As a dog parent myself, I know how it feels to be away from our beloved kids. I understand the concern of a dog parent. By taking care of your dogs with love and as my own, I will make them feel like home, a place where they feel safe, relax, secure and loved.

What I enjoy about the work I do.

I enjoy being with dogs very much. Simply seeing them playing happily would make me smile from the deepest of my heart.

My service is



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Book via Petbacker to enjoy Premium Insurance, 24/7 support, booking guarantee, safe cashless payments, photo updates and more!

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