Source: GEM Magazine

March 8th, 2018 (GEM Magazine) - To pet owners, a pet is a family member and no one wants to leave their family member somewhere unsafe while they are away from home. However, the community of pet owners was previously disjointed and pet owners often leave their pets in boarding, kennels and/or pet hotels which often puts their pets in a business devoid of homey warmth and affection. Petbacker is here to change that for good!

Petbacker is a platform which connects pet owners to pet sitters, who are just other ordinary pet owners with a mutual love for animals. It provides an avenue for pet sitters to make some money out of their passion for animals while pet owners can rest easy during their time away, knowing that their loved pets are in good and loving hands. Not only limited to pet sitting your furry friend, Petbacker also connects you with other doting animal lovers who would be thrilled to walk or groom your pets! All of this is done in a transparent, user-friendly manner and includes Premium Insurance Coverage at no cost at all to you. Yes, for free, to always prove Petbacker’s commitment of ensuring only the very best for your pets.

This paradigm shift from the conventional means of caring for your pets was driven by Petbacker’s Group CEO and main investor, Vernon, who lost his beloved dog after leaving him in a kennel when he had to leave the country. Together with his co-founder Han Wei, they have slowly developed Petbacker over the years, starting with USA as their first market due to the pet-friendly nature of Americans. From there on, growth has been organic yet strong in each country and Petbacker is now available in major markets such as United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Speaking from experience as an investor who previously did not want to be directly involved, Vernon shared that money alone is not enough to build, scale and ensure a business will flourish. He advises fellow entrepreneurs to always put all their heart and soul into their business and that they alone as the founder can motivate and fuel their workers to keep giving their all. “Think of what we entrepreneurs are leaving as a legacy to humanity, what impact are we leaving onto history?”, he asks.

With Han Wei backing the server side and himself spearheading the global expansion along formatting business strategy, Petbacker is moving fast into being the industry leader. With interest pouring in from all corners of the globe, Petbacker is currently looking for regional partners who will join in and support the expansion of Petbacker in their home countries. Having already overcome challenges such as payment gateway and technological hurdles like server overload and downtimes, Petbacker is here to stay and grow further with its wholesome motto: “To ensure a happy, clean and healthy temporary home for your loved ones”.

Source: GEM Magazine