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8 Completed Bookings

8 Completed Bookings

Yelooo there! Lemme introduce myself, I am Nagashree your trusted petbacker! I am currently pursuing my Medical Electronics Engineering at Dayananda sagar College of Engineering. Why I'm in this platform? because I love spending time with my pets. Ive had pets before, I used to foster Kittens and dogs from a long time. We have a doggo, his name's Teddy. (the one in my profile! Hes adorable. I chose to be with pets as this comforts me in a great way also they say it right.....what's the best way to indulge yourself into? I say, be around people you most enjoy!
Well I've had a lot of pets, from a tortoise to a dog. I have tamed animals like, tortoise, parrot, kittens, cats, and a lot of dogs. I lost my pooch recently. But I used to foster a few abandoned Kittens lately. I had to go through every other youtube videos to clean them up and to feed their tiny stomach. It was a huge responsibility, to feed them every two hours around the clock! and trust me, they made it through the second week of their birth! and if your unsure, that's the critical time where one can lose a life. But I was overwhelming to see them alive and active! and yes! the hardwork paid off! they were named as Mac&Cheese. Now they live in a forever home, happy and safe.
I love being around pets, stray or tamed. I love them all.
My service stands out cause I've had many pets before, Ive fostered mostly all kind of pets, I don't believe in tie-in relationship with a dog or any other animal! it should be left free and enjoying, that's what matters at the end of the day right? I take care most importantly I train your pooch to sit, lay-down and to give a paw! isnt that adorable?! I've been around pets my entire life! so I've also learnt about the health and the safety of the pets! Any clinical signs of being unwell, will be noticed quickly. I value hygiene and health the most, in everything! so yes, I'm here to give you the best service to your pet.
Honestly, when I got to know about this app, I had to take a leap and start doing this stuff, like taking care of those fluffy balls. I mean who doesn't love pets!? I do for sure! I love training them. I love going for walks! I love taking care of their hygiene and health. also, as before, I've told that I've been around pets my entire life! I know the inside and out through troubles they cause and the loyalty they show. I enjoy being around them, training/teaching and playing with them. It helps them in their cardio and socio-interpersonal skills. learning new things is all that matters for a life lived. So.....yeah! I will be able to train your pooch to my best ability.

Skills and qualifications

Experience in trainingExperience in training
Behavioral modificationsBehavioral modifications
Able to recognise subtle signs of a problemAble to recognise subtle signs of a problem
Skill to administer medicationsSkill to administer medications
Some veterinary experienceSome veterinary experience
Basic understanding of how to manage and care for petBasic understanding of how to manage and care for pet

Other skills

I'm good at giving belly rubs to your pet....haha ;)

Resident Pets


About Mathikere Pawpaws Training!


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Your dog will be able to understand the basic commands and will be able to work along with his positive behavior! I'll make sure he knows whose the boss of your house and will train him give a paw and to perform simple learning activities!

Accepted Pet Types


Number of years as a trainer


Pet training courses provided

Potty trainingPotty training
Obedience trainingObedience training
Behavioral trainingBehavioral training

My training methods

I use the famous tictac method to ensure and secure his focus on the mission or the person.
I use the noise behavioural method to let him go off the unhealthy activity that he does. eg: humping on visitors or strangers.
I use the "good go" method to inbuild the positiveness of socialising in him and to be obedient.

Results that can be expected to be delivered

potty training, basic commands, relieving of stress, stoppage of humping and behavioural changes.

How long to expect results

might take a 2 weeks if practice and then he knows his way out!

Types of classes offered

Private dog training lessons

What are the expectations of your pet

minimum height of 2ft and maximum of 4ft. and also with a minimum age of 2 months. For cats I'd like to start the training at an early age of 5 weeks.

My qualifications

I've been training my pooch and a few foster Kittens for some time. I've been experienced for 2 years in dog training and 5 months of cat training.

Number of pets that will be trained at one time



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10 Reviews


April 2022

PetBacker Verified
What a wonderful sitter! We ended up needing a little extra help than what was expected in the beginning and she did it for us so smoothly. Definitely recommend her!


February 2022

PetBacker Verified
Great experience. My pet loved her and was comfortable with her. Will definitely book again.


January 2022

PetBacker Verified
it went like a breeze. I was thinking Oscar was tough to handle but She managed so well, and Oscar did like her (being her first day). I would highly recommend her. Good job Nagashree (keep it up). 5 stars!


October 2021

PetBacker Verified
A good service, Came on time although had to travel larger distance , lizzy got friendly with her instantly and both had a good walk


June 2021

PetBacker Verified
A very young lady who performed the job of a professional I didn’t expect. If you hire her, you would be surprised by her professionalism. She was gentle & great with my pet. She kept speaking to my pet & kept her very calm. She has a good understanding over pets and your pet c ...Read More

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