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Celine's Bunny Land @ Petaling Jaya

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  Petaling Jaya, Selangor | Pet Daycare

I enjoy being around with pets, they gives me motivations, bonding with pets gives me extra boost each day.
I have 20rabbits, they were rescued, and now under my care. My partner and i customize cages just for them and they have their own room separated from dogs. I have 2 dogs and two cats too. Cats were strays from penang , went there for a short getaway , found them being abandon inside a box. Took the cats back with us as it was a mother cat with 3 new born. Gave away two and kept the mum and one kitten with special needs.

Skills and qualifications

I am more into rabbits, and have been taking care of them since 2013. I do basic grooming for them.

Resident Pets


About Celine's Bunny Land







The services that I offer.

Pet boarding for rabbits , small dogs. Basic grooming for rabbits.

The charges for my service.

Per rabbit - RM 30 per day including food. Extra RM15 for basic grooming including trimming of fur & nails.
Mats fur will have extra charges depending on the condition. Range between RM15~RM25
RM 15 for mites prevention.

Why does my service stand out.

I have 3yrs experience taking in rescued bunnies and cure them if there is any illness, rabbits don't live out doors. They have their own room and space. Free run for at least 3 hours per day.

What I enjoy about the work I do.

Rabbits have different personalities, they can be very sociable. Rabbits are also less noticeable in the market. I love guiding people on how to raise a rabbit with my own ways. Sharing and caring makes me feel happy.

My service is



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April 2018

she is an expert to handle rabbits.

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