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We' chat-***(mentioned Ipoh kaki) nAn enthusiastic individual with a great love of animals . I've been volunteer for SPCA before and working in pet shop so that I able to offer an inborn passion to work for pet welfare and exceptional communication skills. 动物对我有着无限的吸引力,我确信爱能融化每只宠物。我曾当过猫狗义工也在宠物店上班所以我能给予耐心与热情来照顾你的宝贝。
Myself have a dog and a cat as pets in Malaysia . They staying with each other without any trouble and the funny thing is my dog is always get bully by my cat ! Hahahahahhahaha

Skills and qualifications

Is it special I able to cut human hair and animal fur ? LOL hahaha, btw I'm more passionate and professional for pets.

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The services that I offer.

Basic grooming(plug ears fur n clean it , cut nails,shave paw pad n belly),Full hand cut grooming (basic groom + full hand cut),Half hand cut grooming(basic groom + clipping with hand cut) , Cool cut (basic groom + clipping ) Pet picking up service (appointment)

The charges for my service.

RM30 for basic groomingRM80 for full hand groomingRM50 for half hand groomingRM40 for cool cut grooming*all prices for small-medium size pets Charges of Picking up service depend on area(10++)PM for more information abt any service.

Why does my service stand out.

We provide all the high qualities equipment for your pets (we using Yu shampoo and cleaning tools import from Taiwan) and of course we have full set of grooming equipments too .I'm a qualified and experienced groomer and attended a grooming course in sg.

What I enjoy about the work I do.

Sorry to say that I'm not longer provide pets service in Ipoh because I'm waiting for my husband to apply LTVP for me in sg so that I providing those service for all the lovely pet owner during the time I spend in Ipoh. I really hope that I can contribute some of my skills for those sweetheart and I believe that groom your pet REGULARLY is a must to give them a healthy body,coat,life,blablabla.... :D Lastly, I'm really enjoy with my work and crazy in love with animals !

My service is



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March 2017

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Gentle groomer and take well care of my pet. Grooming skill is good very patience and caring


February 2017


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Book via Petbacker to enjoy Premium Insurance, 24/7 support, booking guarantee, safe cashless payments, photo updates and more!

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  2 Reviews