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94 Completed Bookings
13 Repeated Customers
23 Repeated Bookings

94 Completed Bookings

13 Repeated Customers

23 Repeated Bookings

Ever since I was a child, I've had a natural and profound love and fascination towards nature and all animals. Caring for animals just comes so naturally to me that I've grown so fast as a pet sitter in Amsterdam. So much so that I've decided to dedicate my full-time to being a pet sitter.

Since 2019, I’ve been providing boarding, pet sitting and dog walking for more than 60 different cats and dogs! I've had more than amazing reviews from all pet owners that I've worked with.

I also dedicate the time and effort every now and then to take courses and read books about how to understand and better care for pets.
In my life I have adopted three cats. One is fearful, one a misfit and one skittish.

Most people would see them as distant or unfriendly! But that's not how I see them.

To me they are very sensitive and gentle souls who just need to feel safe and loved unconditionally.
My ultimate goal is to make sure that pets are:
- Safe: gaining their trust while also respecting their boundaries and ensuring no harm comes to them.
- Healthy: taking care of their nourishment and cleanliness and noticing any subtle signs of sickness right away.
- Happy: providing fun playtime and showering them with lots of love and infinite cuddles! <3
Animals are such sensitive, pure and innocent beings that somehow manage to fill my heart with love and joy in a magical way!

Skills and qualifications

Able to recognise subtle signs of a problemAble to recognise subtle signs of a problem
Skill to administer medicationsSkill to administer medications
Some veterinary experienceSome veterinary experience
Basic understanding of how to manage and care for petBasic understanding of how to manage and care for pet

Other skills

I am able to notice the subtlest signs of illness and can provide first aid and CPR. I can also administer medication orally, subcutaneously or intramuscularly. I am well capable of dealing with aggressive or fearful pets, puppies or kittens and seniors.

About Marian Pet Boarding


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Repeated Customers


Repeated Bookings











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Sitter Intro Test


In pet boarding, I welcome the pets and take care of them at my place. I live with my husband, who is as passionate about pets as I am, in a cozy apartment with a big high fenced secure backyard in a safe and calm pet friendly neighborhood in Southeast Amsterdam. We have no kids and one cat.
My husband works from home as well so pets always have company even if one of us is out. Pets are never left alone for more than 3 hours. We keep our house completely pet proof and we don't give them any human food, only pet food and snacks for their own health and safety.
I introduce the pets gradually to each other using treats and toys to ease any tension. I also love to give the pets full reign of the house. Sometimes they're too scared at first so I give them their own room, leave the door ajar and check on them often until they feel safer to come out and explore in their own time. For their safety, if a pet starts showing aggressive behavior towards the others, it will be separated from the other pets but will continue to have the same love, care and attention from me.

I would like to know a couple of things about the pet before the stay such as:
- Age
- Gender
- Intact or sterilized
- Vaccination
- Medical conditions\medication (if applicable)
- Potty habits
- Meowing habits
- Behavior towards other pets and people
- Any previous experience with the same required service

What I provide:
- I feed them as required
- Make sure there's always fresh drinking water for them
- Make sure their environment is always clean
- Play and cuddle with them
- I always keep the owners posted by sending them daily photos and videos of their pets

I ONLY require:
- Food
- Vet's info and pet passport
- For the health and safety of all pets, owners are required to give their pets antiflea, antitick and deworming medication before the stay.

Some services come at an additional cost such as:
- Physiotherapeutic exercise: €5.00 (per session)
- Vet visit: €25.00 (excluding vet costs)

Number of pets that will be watched at one time.


Accepted Pet Types

Guinea PigsGuinea Pigs

Accepted Pet size





Level of adult supervision.

Unsupervised for 2 - 4 hoursUnsupervised for 2 - 4 hours

The place your pet will be if they are left unsupervised at home.

Free roam of the houseFree roam of the house

The place your pet will sleep at night.

Wherever they wantWherever they want

The number of potty breaks provided per day.


The number of walks provided per day.


The type of home I stay in.


My outdoor area size.


Emergency transport.



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67 Reviews


August 2023

PetBacker Verified
Marian is great! We received regular pictures and video and you can clearly see she takes good care of cats and love them! Thanks again Marian :)


July 2023

PetBacker Verified
What a great experience for our first time leaving our kitten. Zel absolutely loved Marian!


July 2023

PetBacker Verified
Marian is such a lovely and caring person. She made sure my ferrets were well looked after and had lots of fun during their stay. Thank you so much for looking after them so well ❤️


May 2023

PetBacker Verified
As always, the kitties love her, and she loves them.


April 2023

PetBacker Verified
As always fantastic!

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    Marian has 13 repeated customers with 94 completed bookings. One of the latest verified review left by a satisfied Pet Owner is: "Marian is great! We received regular pictures and video and you can clearly see she takes good care of cats and love them! Thanks again Marian :)"
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