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Pet Daycare

Connect with loving pet sitters on Petbacker.
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Pet boarding has been the most popular solution for pet owners needing to leave their pets behind when going off to a pet free holiday. Previously, most people send their pets to pet boarding facilities which houses pets in steel or plastic cages with no common social space resulting in a rather depressing environment.

PetBacker’s pet boarding differs from normal pet boarding facilities as it is run by individual pet lovers who love entertaining pets in their homes. Often those offering this service have pets of their own so it adds a social element while providing a more “homely” boarding environment. More personal attention is given to your pet which reduces the stress of being in a new environment with unfamiliar human companions. We suggest that pet parents discuss and negotiate the terms and expectations with the pet sitter, while a meet and greet is a must to understand the environment and personality of the pet sitter before sending your furry friend to them.

Pricing for these pet boarding alternatives vary depending on the amenities and level of service chosen by pet parents and value added options provided by the pet sitter. The price tends to be a fraction of that charged by commercial pet boarding facilities. Always remember to pay through us for security as PetBacker acts as an escrow agent between the two parties.

Occasionally, we do receive inquiries from pet owners who ask for boarding at a veterinary facility so that their pets have access to veterinary care. Although this seems like a great idea, and even though we have access to many veterinary facilities, but we always suggest that pet owners send their pet to individual homes as most veterinary boarding facilities are of the old fashioned, cold, and sterile type. Because medical and surgical cases are of higher priority in veterinary hospitals, your pets are likely to be short changed on attention and care.

From our experience, we understand that stress is indeed the biggest problem with boarding of any sort especially in old fashion caged facilities. Pets, especially cats, are uncomfortable outside of their normal environment. Very often this stress results in vomiting and diarrhea, often bloody, for the majority or the entirety of the stay. Fear and timidity may reduce your pets appetite and often pets will lose weight when boarded. We strongly suggest pet parents consider only home boarding with individuals to give your pet more personal attention to reduce the stress of a new environment and unfamiliar human companions. We also suggest pet owners try pet house sitting if they feel that their pet cannot stand the levels of stress resulting from moving into a new environment.

Some of our pet sitters also offer additional pet services, such as pet housing sitting, dog grooming, pet taxis or veterinary care. We also have a pet sitting and boarding certification program for our pet sitters. The curriculum includes pet care, health and first aid, animal law information, nutrition and behaviour. Please negotiate via the messaging feature in the app before you hire the pet sitter and pay through PetBacker. Always engage a pet sitter with better reviews and more trust points instead of looking for the best price.