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1 Completed Bookings

I love all animals, domesticated or wild ;)
I used to raise hamsters, terrapins, chicks and rabbits. At the moment, I have an adopted Zebra finch, Green singing finch, and hundreds of guppy fishes because they just can't stop reproducing! I talk to my birds everyday (but I'm not weird).

Other skills

I used to work as a vet nurse, have volunteered at dog shelters for 3 years and have done doggy sitting over the past few years. I will be very pleased to brush your dog's teeth, clean their ears and trim their nails for you! I also really love cats - have taken care of 7 different resident cats at the vet clinic I used to work at.

About Your Pet's Second Home!








There will always be someone at home to ensure that your pet is fine (great for pets with separation anxiety)!

As an animal lover and ex-vet nurse, you can be rest assured that your pet will be safe, happy, and very well-taken care of with my family.

There will only be 1 family of pets boarding at any time.

For dogs:
- Walked twice a day
- Fed twice a day, or smaller amounts more frequently as desired by owner (food to be provided by owner)
- Fresh water supply all day
- Will not give my own treats/ fruits unless specified by owner to prevent allergies, stomach upsets etc.
- Will feed medications, administer flea/ tick preventatives, trim your pet's nails, clean their ears and brush their teeth for you as required or desired.
- Will bathe and blow-dry your pet for you FOC if pet is here for > 7 days.
- Will play tug-of-war and fetch with your pet if you bring toys
- Access to the entire house if pet is toilet trained and does not mark.
- Pet will sleep in my room at night (air-conditioned)
- Daily picture/ video updates!

For cats:
- I have never raised cats of my own before or done cat-sitting, but have taken care of 7 resident cats at the vet clinic I used to work at. I really love cats (THEY ARE SO CUTE AND FLUFFY), and have dealt with many feisty ones before :)
- The cat will be free to roam the house (air-conditioning will be turned on, all windows and doors will be closed in whichever room the cat decides to take residence in at each point of time)
- Litter box, cat litter, food and food bowls to be provided by owner.
- Will trim nails and clean ears if desired by owners, if cat is nice and does not kill me in the process (nail trimmers and ear cleaning solution to be provided by owner)
- Will love to play with cat and give it tons of hugs and cuddles unless cat is the kind that hates it

For hamsters/ rabbits/ birds/ terrapins:
PM me for more details!

There are 2 vet clinics within a 5-minute drive from my place. My house is 7 minutes away from the airport.

Number of pets that will be watched at one time.


Accepted Pet Types


Accepted Pet size





Level of adult supervision.

Pets will never be left unattendedPets will never be left unattended

The place your pet will be if they are left unsupervised at home.

Free roam of the houseFree roam of the house

The place your pet will sleep at night.

On my bedOn my bed

The number of potty breaks provided per day.


The number of walks provided per day.


The type of home I stay in.


My outdoor area size.


Emergency transport.


The charges for my service.

$40/day for 1 dog
Additional $30/ day for each extra dog

$30/ day for each cat

For hamsters/ rabbits/ terrapins/ birds:
PM me for more details.


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June 2017

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Book via Petbacker to enjoy Premium Insurance, 24/7 support, booking guarantee, safe cashless payments, photo updates and more!

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