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  City of London, London | Pet Boarding

Can also work at Central London

2 Completed Bookings

2 Completed Bookings

 City of London, London | Pet Boarding Can also work at Central London

I have been surrounded by any kind of living creatures no matter how big or small for as long as I remember myself and I love them all. I have experience caring for farm animals, rodents, rabbits, parrots, fish, cats, dogs, exotic mice, turtles, snails, and would be comfortable with any other type of pets missing from this list :)
I have a free roaming rabbit called Susie. Having her helped me to learn a lot about silent communication and how to recognise the slightest signs of a problem or joy, as rabbits are not very talkative animals it takes time and skills to begin to understand them completely.
I also got a kitten just recently and her name is Changa. She is my first cat and I am absolutely in love with her.

As rabbits and cats are quite territorial animals, I managed to create a friendly calm atmosphere to let them both get on with each other and they are doing pretty great.

I also have a dog Yolka who is a 14 years old Yorkshire Terrier, when I moved out from home 8 years ago she stayed with my parents but I still come and visit her often and have the best friends relationship with her.
I have a natural connection with animals based on unconditional love and patience, I listen to them and understand their needs. I am able to recognise if there is a problem immediately and act on it. I have great time management skills that allow me to organise my time and set up a suitable schedule for my pets to keep them entertained, happy and clean.
I enjoy learning more about animal psychology and behaviour, giving my love and seeing happiness in other creatures no matter how small or big brings me true joy.

Skills and qualifications

Able to recognise subtle signs of a problemAble to recognise subtle signs of a problem
Basic understanding of how to manage and care for petBasic understanding of how to manage and care for pet
Skill to administer medicationsSkill to administer medications

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Online Test

Online Test

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Hey there!

Me and my partner are providing various pet care services such as boarding, day care and pet sitting, specialising in small animals and cats care.

Our house : We live in a very spacious 2 floors apartment with a private well maintained secured garden in Half Moon Crescent Tenants Cooperative secure gated development moments from Kings Cross and Angel.

Our pets : There are two pets living with us: Anubi the rabbit who is free roaming in the house (part of the first floor and garden only), she is neutered and very very friendly to all animals. And Changa the kitten, the most curious creature that can make friends with anyone!
Both pets are very well mannered, house trained, worms and flea treated and vaccinated, they love other animals, which would be extra helpful for your pet if it has socialising issues or just feeling lonely and in need of some company.

If your pet is anxious/has behaviour problems or for any other reason would be happier on their own, don’t worry we would zone the house and keep them separated.

Where your pet will sleep : Depending on the type of your pet and its character we would find a spot in the house that would be most suitable for them, whether it’s the garden, shared living space with our pets, a private quiet corner away from everyone or our own bedroom (if they need some extra presence) we would take into account your preferences and theirs and make them feel just like home.

Your pet’s schedule : With your help I will create a personalised timetable for each pet based on your own routine and habits to keep the stress from changing environment to a minimum. We will follow their already established feeding and cleaning schedule, as well as walking times (if it’s a dog), any extra special care needs, medication or flea/worm treatments.
We will provide free roaming time in a sectioned area of our house/in the garden for all rabbits and any other pets on request.

My time : I study and work from home these days so can dedicate most of my time caring about animals, so your pet pet won’t be left alone or get lonely at any point.

About us : I have experience caring for most types of domestic animals and able to recognise any pet’s needs or problems immediately and my partner Vins just generally adores any living creatures and loves spending time with them.

Emergency : For any emergency situations we have Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital with department specialising on small and exotic animals care just round the corner and a 24 hours emergency vet clinic just 15 mins drive.

Extra :
• I am able to provide some advise on rabbits behaviour and training and assist on free roaming, litter training and bonding;
• I have a pet carrier available free of charge if you require a pick up / drop off service;
• I have a spare cage for a rabbit/guinea pig if you can’t bring your own.

With us your pet would be kept safe, happy and healthy leaving you peace of mind and positive vibes only :)

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Accepted Pet Types

Guinea PigsGuinea Pigs

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Level of adult supervision.

Unsupervised for no more than 1 hourUnsupervised for no more than 1 hour

The place your pet will be if they are left unsupervised at home.

Sectioned off area of the houseSectioned off area of the house

The place your pet will sleep at night.

Wherever they wantWherever they want

The number of potty breaks provided per day.

Full access outsideFull access outside

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4 Reviews


January 2021

PetBacker Verified
Sophie and her partner have been recently hosting my guinea pig Varya over the Christmas holidays. They are super friendly, flexible people and obviously love pets - I will clearly be a repeat customer myself, and will recommend them to my friends. This was the first time I was b ...Read More


September 2020

Sophie is really carrying and loving person especially with animals and what is more nicer that they adore her! She always take extra care for pets . Really responsible , calm and carrying person ! I do believe that your pets will adore her same as mine


September 2020

Sophie is a very dedicated and enthusiastic about animal welfare, she is caring and kind and a very responsible young lady. I would let her take care of my pets without a doubt!


September 2020

Sophie is very dedicated to animals, she loves caring for pets and know well how to treat them. She is really enthusiastic when dealing with animals, she would study all day long and make research to assure that she is providing the best care for your animal and the best meal for ...Read More

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  • What are pet owners saying about Sophie?
    Sophie has 2 completed bookings. One of the latest verified review left by a satisfied Pet Owner is: "Sophie and her partner have been recently hosting my guinea pig Varya over the Christmas holidays. They are super friendly, flexible people and obviously love pets - I will clearly be a repeat customer myself, and will recommend them to my friends. This was the first time I was boarding my guinea pig with someone I have not known previously (and the first time I was using a boarding service), so I have been somewhat sceptical and really worried. Sophie has given me a true peace of mind by chatting to me about Varya's requirements before boarding, and made sure to provide me with plenty of photo and video updates during the time of her stay with them. In fact, I think Varya has had a much better time with Sophie than with me, as Sophie has created plenty of room for Varya to roam in the safe place in the house - looked like a real guinea pig vacation! :-) Also, as I have a pretty demanding work schedule, the pick-up and drop-off was very important to me. Sophie has been happy to provide this service, and was accomodating in terms of time as well as punctual. And Varya also got some guinea pig toys as a present :-) Overall a fully seamless experience, for which I am grateful! Definitely a big recommend from me!"
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