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About Lewis

hello i am a 16 year old who absolutely adores pets because i am very passonate about animals and the kindness and love they share with us.

I have a staffy dog who is now 14 but still goes on as if its a puppy which i think is adorable and i have had many loving and memorable experiences with this dog as it is not just a pet it is a family member.

Other skills and qualifications.

i belive that i have lots of skills with animal care as i feel as though we are best friends and have a strong connection with animals.

About Bonding Walks

Listing Summary.

I will begin by meeting the pet to get to know the pet and then we will set of on a walk and depwnding on pace of the dog determins the activitys for the pet so if the pet is hyper we would go running and fetching the ball etc. and if the pet is old or slow then we would just go walking at the pets pace and do activitys like tug of war.

Distance willing to travel to visit your home.


Accepted dog size.




The length of each walk.

1 hour1 hour

Last minute bookings.


Cancellation policy.

Flexible (Always refundable)Flexible (Always refundable)

The charges for my service.

a minimum of £5 and anything higher is up to you

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