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Bronwyn's North London Dog Walking

by bronwyn   

  London, England | Dog Walking
About bronwyn & Guests

I love animals all together, although I am scared of snakes and spiders. After my dad passed away when I was 9 years old, my mum thought it would be best to have a pet in our household to help us all cope, which ended up in us having 3 cats in the house, one each for myself, sister and mum. I think they are lovely creatures and each have their own personality that bring out the better side in their owners. My cat has helped me so much, and still does, he is a little old man but still going strong.

I have grown up around pets. My Nan and grandad had a rabbit, fish pond and tank, and multiple cats as I was growing up. After my dad passed away, we ended up with 3 cats in our household, and now it's gone up to 4. They have helped all of us in the family with different coping mechanisms, whether one of us is upset, usually one of them comes and fusses around and ends up cuddling up to the person who is upset. Companion ship is the main reason, as myself and my sister can be out in the evenings a lot so they keep my mum company. Never a day goes by where there isn't at least 1 cat following her around. It's a lovely feeling to enter the house and your own cat is there watching the door waiting for you as if they have missed you.

My skills and qualifications.
I have previously done animal care level 2
and countryside management level 2 and level 3. Doing these
I worked with various breeds of horses- Clydesdale and Shetland ponies. And many other farm animals. As well as a few dogs which were owned by staff at the college I studied
and smaller animals such as rabbits
and few exotic animals. I learnt many things
and even put a few to the test
which has ended up being brilliant for my Nan in a wheelchair- one of her cats who is about 15years old now
just reached 10years old when I started this... he has been jumping up for food and it was becoming awkward for my Nan to feed him as she was worried he was gonna accidentally scratch her or she would drop his food. I started using treats and being able to teach him to sit down when told
which as you would expect has helped my Nan so much. She could be on the other side of the room and he would listen
although sometimes you have to repeat a few times
but it may be that he is getting old and can't fully hear
90% of the time it works and for the better.


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About Bronwyn's North London Dog Walking

The services that I offer.

I can pick up and drop off your dog to your door. I travel back and forth in north london, with my small business on Facebook using public transport delivering items people order from me. I can help get your dog accustomed to these, or I can stay in your area- which can be discussed at a later date. One area I'm in a lot is Enfield, so I could pick up your dog, do my deliveries and drop back off, saves you time Walking your dog, and allows me to run my business and do something I love, kills many birds with 1 stone.

The charges for my service.

Due to having 4 cats in the household, who are house pets, none of which have ever been around dogs. I can look after your dog for a few hours a day. Would be £10 for 1 hour, £5 for every hour afterwards.

Why does my service stand out.

Most people have their own form of transport, I use public transport. If it wasn't for my dad, I wouldn't have wanted to work with animals. And as I'm also a carer, can help the person I help. Having a dog even for short amounts of time can help more than most people think.

What I enjoy about the work I do.

Because each pet has its own personality, and more often than not, help their owner be a better them. Makes me personally happy, giving animals the love they deserve.

My service is:


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