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Hey, I'm jp and I love pets, the walks are the best, I've read that pets bring out emotion and help you live longer we'll, I love being with pets and maybe I help you guys out by taking care of them and giving them walks and in return they give me life!
We own a wonderful dog and we care and show love for him every day we come home he's happy to be waiting at the door!

Skills and qualifications

With pets you have to understand how to get them to go to sleep gently comfort them and over all love them and I most definitely can do all three

About Jp And Albees Dog Walking

The services that I offer.

The services I offer could be from walking your dog and drop off or pickup. The reasons I decided to do this was for the love and compassion I have for pets. Pets usually need more attention than humans they need to be loved for, my point is since you can do the loving at home I can do the loving as we walk I love pets and I bet you do too. Don't you want more for your pets. Choose me and I will make sure of it. Work at home while I walk your pet I'm on it! Want me to do the chores like pick up your pet and take him to the vet I'll do that too! I can do so much more for you.... and your wonderful pet. Have more than one pet don't worry I can handle the job and do almost everything! My walks and picks can be very inexpensive if you look at it.... well thank you and don't forget ready set i bet I can care for your pet

The charges for my service.

My services can be very inexpensive the walks will be 15-20 dollars per walk no matter what the distance is the pick up and drop can be negotiable.

Why does my service stand out.

My services stand out by the rest because love and affection is all you need. The more room and time I have for these little/big guys is the more time and happiness I make for the future. Choose me because I'm just a guy looking for joy. I'm just a guy looking for pets to care for. I believe your pet could be the next o be cared for.

What I enjoy about the work I do.

I've explained what I love plenty of times and I can say it a billion more, but it still won't cut it I love these guys and I'm honestly just looking for a pet to take care of... I remember my first dog taking him to the beach doing what ever he loved and we grew old... but he had to go, he was wonderful and I loved him he's happy now in a wonderful place and I honestly just want something to do with these guys again with out getting as attached as I did before. Thank you so much for choosing me. Can't wait to assist you!

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Book via Petbacker to enjoy Premium Insurance, 24/7 support, booking guarantee, safe cashless payments, photo updates and more!

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