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Hello, my name is Dominique. I am 20 years old, I love dogs and cats, I have a dog of my own and her name is Cleo she is 3 years old and she is very playful and friendly. I am currently a student and a painter, I love painting I could paint all day if I wanted to, I also love to spend time with my doggy Cleo I treat her like family and nothing less, Cleo likes to watch me paint and paint with me sometimes with her tiny paws. I also like to bike ride and hike, I love hiking and camping and just to be outdoors is always a great feeling for me.
I enjoy being around pets because you always learn something different from and about them, to me pets speak in there own way and it's amazing getting to know a knew pet and experiencing each and everyone of their unique characteristics, pets in general always lighten up my day no matter what I get along very well with dogs and cats, they love me and I love them.

Skills and qualifications

I own a papillon female, she is 3 years old, her name is Cleo and I've had her since she was 2 months old. She is my first pet and only pet. Ever since I got her we got attached to one another within seconds and ever since then she's been happy and comfortable with me and my family and she has also become part of the family, she feels content and safe always and I make sure of it.

Other skills

I wash my dog every other week, I blow dry her hair right away and I comb her hair in place so she does not get knotted. I walk her every morning up and down my neighborhood with a coat and doggy socks so she doesn't ruin her skin under her feet and she gets front line tick and flea medicine every two week down her back so she doesn't get flees or ticks while I'm walking her.

About Dominique Dog Walking

The services that I offer.

Hello everyone. My name is Dominique, I offer dog walking services. It is my first time using this app so I do plan to add different types of services in the future if my dog walking services work out. I hope you choose me to be the one to walk your dogs whenever you need it done, I love dogs and I get along with all kinds, doesn't matter the breed I love pets of all kinds. Thank you for taking the time to read this have a wonderful day and hopefully you choose me to be the one to walk your dogs.

The charges for my service.

First let me state that I do not charge based on breed, but I will sometimes charge more based on the number of dogs there are.nPer 20 minute walk I charge 15$. Per 30 minute walk I charge $20. For two walks a day I charge $45. For 1 hour walk I charge $50. If you have more than 2 dogs that you need me to walk please let me know the exact number and I will give you an estimate of how much I will charge you for the amount of dogs, I try to reason with price so it won't be to high than the numbers above.

The reason I enjoy being with pets.

Pets grow on you as we humans grow on our pets. I enjoy working for their trust and affection, because once you get their trust you can see it right away and it's a great feeling to know that a dog or a cat put that border down and felt comfortable enough with you and began to trust you because that tells me I'm doing the right thing to best and properly take care of your pet and my own.

My experiences and qualifications.

I have a few years experience not with other pets that were not mine but with my own, I have a dog she is a papillon of 3 years, Cleo is my first and only dog. I have raised her with my grandmother whom I live with with but me and Cleo are a lot closer, I have plenty experience with washing her shampooing her and rinsing her, I also have experience in blow drying her fur right away once out the bath and combing her fur as I blow dry it. When walking my doggy I like to put on a nice warm sweater on her and then her harness and leash on top, I also put on rubber boots on her feet so that way she doesn't scrape her little paws while walking on the cement or get her paws dirty. Before walking her Id also like to add that I put front line flea and tick medicine on her neck down her spine when walking her because she likes to walk on the grass sometimes and that where fleas and ticks are mostly at so I like to make sure she has that medication on her so we can avoid those nasty fleas. That is my experience with my own doggy, I've my aunts dog before and she did fine so for the most part I have great professional confidence in dog walking.

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