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Hey I'm Maddie.nAnimals are an absolute passion for me I have a huge love for them. I'm extremely compassionate and have a caring nature, and a familiarity with the basic needs of animals. I have the ability to care for your little furbaby perfectly with 15 years of experience. nnI have 4 animals of my own 2 cats and 2 dogs they are my joys! I have a shiba inu named Max he's 3 and a half, Daisy she's a Yorkshire terrier and she's just over 7 years old, Titan my Russian Blue little sour patch of a cat which is my baby is 2 and a half, and tator my big ball of fluff rag doll is just over 8 years old. Usually when one gives me trouble they all give me trouble, but I love them all with every ounce of my heart.
I have worked at groom shops as a groomer and as a bather. I have worked at boarding facilities as a kennel attendant where I would there clean, feed and play with the dogs and cats. I have always done petsitting and dog walking for years now, it's always been a side job or just something I've always done because I truly enjoy it.

Skills and qualifications

I can administer medication orally. I have studied animal behavior so I always pay very close attention to the animals body language and I always treat them as if they were my own. Each little animal has their own personality and I would love to get to know each and every little furbaby.

About Maddies Dog Walking & More



The services that I offer.

The services that I offer include: petsitting at your house for your dog or cat, drop-in visits to your house to check in on your little furbaby, dog walking, and I also offer grooming and bathing services.

The charges for my service.

*I'm comfortable taking care of dogs who are: small (1-15 lbs), medium (15-40 lbs), large (41-100 lbs), giant (100+ lbs)*

$50 per night
I go to my client's home and stay overnight, taking care of their dog(s) and/or cat and home.

Drop-In Visits:
$15 per visit
I stop by my client's home while they're away a few times a day for 30 minutes each time to feed and play with their pets.

Dog Walking:
$20 per every 30 minute walk
$30 per every 45 minute walk
I pick up my client's dogs at their home and provide a 30 or 45 minute walk.

Brush, bathe, dry, sanitary trim, cut nails, clean ears, scoop paw pads and use clippers or scissors.
Under 20 pounds $45
21- 50 pounds $50- $60
51- 80 pounds $65- $75
81 plus pounds $85+

Baths/ Tidy Ups:
Brush, bath, dry, sanitary trim, cut nails, clean ears, scoop paw pads.
Under 20 pounds $33
21- 50 pounds $35- $40
51- 80 pounds $42- $50
81 plus pounds $52+

Why does my service stand out.

My work is efficient extremely thorough and I'm above standards. You can tell I have passion for what I do from my work and the love I give each and every little furbaby.

What I enjoy about the work I do.

I literally enjoy every little thing about the work that I do. From a dirty dog that has knots coming to me all sad and leaving from me all clean and smelling amazing, seeing the owners face fill up with joy and seeing that the dogs demeanor completely changed from sad to happy from the beginning of the groom to the end is pure joy. I love petsitting and walking dogs and giving them all the love as if they were my own, I love the joy and happiness the animals get each time they see me. I have a pure passion for what I do.

My service is



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February 2017

Madalyn is a extremely reliable person, my pup is always happy when he comes back from walks with her. She also offers grooming and more services. She's the BEST!

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