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Amanda Dog Service

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  North Branford, Connecticut | Dog Walking
About Amanda

I have always adored animals. I care for them so much even if they aren't my own.

I own a beagle mix, and two German shepherds. I love having big dogs and two little dogs, it gives me the best of both worlds. I make sure to walk the smaller dog once a week and the big dogs get to run around my yard all day.

My skills and qualifications.
The experience I have with animals is given to me from my job. I work at a pet store and I see mostly dogs all day long. I help customers find the right products for their dogs so they can both be happy.


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About Amanda Dog Service

The services that I offer.

I am available to do any type of pet sitting to dog walking.

The charges for my service.

For pet sitting I would charge between $10-$15 depending on how many dogs.

Why does my service stand out.

Personally I feel like since I treat other peoples animals as I treat my own they are only getting the perfect attention they need.

What I enjoy about the work I do.

For me there's nothing more enjoyable than working with animals.

My service is:


Cancellation policy.

Strict (<72 hours, no refunds)Strict (<72 hours, no refunds)

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