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Aubrey's Dog Walking

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About Aubrey

Hi there! I'm Aubrey, I'm 19, and I love pets. My family has had dogs in our household since I was an infant, and because of that I have grown to love animals.

The dog I own right now a chocolate lab named Hanna, however she lives back in Buffalo, NY, with my sister. She's energetic, happy, and a wonderful dog even amidst her rambunctious moments. She's been a great dog to own, and I love her very much.

My skills and qualifications.
While I do not have an specific qualifications
I do know a lot about pets and pet care
as I have always had animals in my family. On top of that
I'm a quick learner and am always open to new information!


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Facebook Verified


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About Aubrey's Dog Walking


As a dog owner, I know how important it is that dogs are able to get outside in the fresh air and get some exercise. If you ever feel like you need an extra hand walking your dog and ensuring that they get outside despite your busy schedule, I am more than willingly to help out! My phone number is listed, and I am available via call or text if you ever need a last-minute scheduling or cancellation (without fees)!

Why does my service stand out.

As I am a private dog walker, you can be assured that you will have my undivided attention and care. The cell phone number provided is where you may reach me, and you can call on very flexible hours. I'm more than willing to work with your needs!

What I enjoy about the work I do.

Getting outside and getting to know wonderful pets makes dog walking worth it!

Distance willing to travel to visit your home.


Accepted dog size.


The length of each walk.

30 minutes30 minutes

Last minute bookings.


Cancellation policy.

Flexible (Always refundable)Flexible (Always refundable)

My service is:


The charges for my service.

$15 per 30-minute sessions. Flexible charging.

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