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I grew up around animals my whole life. I love them just as much as I love people. I love training and walking and playing with my dog. My dog is also a therapy dog, so we have a special relationship. Being around animals makes me feel at peace. They make me laugh and I enjoy playing with them and watching them have fun!
When I was younger I had a beautiful golden retriever named Murphy. Now I have a rescue dog named Princess, who is also a great therapy dog. I am fully responsible for her and want nothing but the best for her. I go on alot of walks with her, and her favorite game of playing fetch with me and a lacrosse stick. I trained her all on my own, she can even do a back flip! We're getting started on training for agility and obstacle courses because she loves to get all her energy out! I've never met a dog who doesn't like me. I truely care about the well being of all animals.

Skills and qualifications

I trained many neighborhood dogs in simple obedience training. I used to volunteer alot at the animal shelter, and I have worked on my own at a horse farm for a few years, so I'm very used to being responsible for people's beloved animals. I'm working with my dog now in advanced obedience and agility training. I also know how to properly groom and bathe a dog, no matter what the breed or temperment. I can bring my own equipment if neccisary.

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About Shannon's "Happy Trails - Dog Services"

The services that I offer.

This isn't no ordinary walk in the park! If you choose me to have the privilege to spend time, play with, and have a nice long walk together with your precious pooch, I promise you won't regret it! I'm very experienced with all breeds and types of dogs. I do 30 min and 60 min walks. I am very responsible, I always clean up after a dog...and I NEVER do quick walks, I like the dog to actually enjoy his time with me. He's free to sniff as much as he likes! I can even GPS track our walks and send you a direct email with our real time walk history on a map! I'm very flexible and have a open availability. I also get creative with our time spent together.

The charges for my service.

30+ min walk=$23
60+ min walk=$33
Basic obedience training during walk= $7 extra fee
30 min basic obedience= $15
Grooming= $20
Teeth Cleaning=$4
Pet sitting= $10 per visit
Playtime=free first 3 times, $5 after the third time

Why does my service stand out.

Your dog will DEFINITELY love our EXTRA LONG walks together! Rain or shine! I also provide personalized attention and playtime for each time I visit your dog! Convienent obedience training during walk for a small fee! I put alot of work and pride in keeping you and your dog happy! You can combine services for a overall best experience and best bang for your buck! Best quality training and grooming services at a low price! I normally don't ever charge gas money, unless it's a very far away drive. I provide healthy organic treats to use as training aid, at no extra cost to you. I even provide ALL grooming&bathing supplies, PERSONALIZED to meet your pup's specific needs (hair type, moisturizing, sensative skin, etc) and each time you spend more then $30, I include a special suprise for your dog! For bathing, I gaurentee he will smell and look so good, he'll come begging back for more!!! I bring toys to play with at no cost! I just want you and your dog as happy as possible! Special requests taken. Also I'm working on a special reward card program, where I supply you a free rewards card, and every time you use my services, I will stamp your card, and 10 stamps equals a free walk!

What I enjoy about the work I do.

I get to spend my time around dogs, who are 100% man's (and womens!) best friend! I enjoy the work I do, and that's why I am able to provide such a great service for such a low cost! I love the feeling of bonding and beginning a relationship with a new dog, it's a magical experience and I'm glad I can dedicate the time and hard work into making you and your dog very happy!

My service is



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May 2019

what's ur number


February 2017

One of the best, most reliable, and friendly dog walker who I have worked with and she does amazing with my semi/aggressive big and small dogs. Very experienced with dogs and trustworthy. Will be coming back for her services!

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