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Carley's Pet Walking

by Carley   

  River Vale, New Jersey | Dog Walking
About Carley

I love pets I have two of my own, I would love to spend more time with them!

I have two Italian mastiffs named Gunner and Cali! I feed and take them on walks every day.

My skills and qualifications.
I give unconditional love to my dogs! I would do the same to any of your pets!


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About Carley's Pet Walking

The services that I offer.

I am able to walk your dog for as long as you would like. I will bring bags to pick up their waste and will run or walk with them, your choice. I am also able to come to your houses and watch your dogs well you aren't home.

The charges for my service.

My prices vary depending on the number of dogs. For a 20 minute walk, I usually charge $15-$17.

Why does my service stand out.

I have a lot of experience with dogs. I love all pets and am willing to walk or sit for as long as you need! I am young and have tons of energy too!

What I enjoy about the work I do.

Walking pets is one of my favorite things to do. It is good for both me and the dog!

My service is:


Cancellation policy.

Strict (<72 hours, no refunds)Strict (<72 hours, no refunds)

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