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Amanda Dog Walking

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About Amanda

I'm a lover of all animals. I've always had a passion to care for them. No matter what they do they can always put a smile on my face and I'm thankful for that everyday.

I am 21 and I have a year old lab who is absolutely perfect. She is my best friend and my whole heart. I've had her since she was 8 weeks old and we have really grown together. I've been with her through the hard puppy stages to now where she is beautiful and calm. We go hiking everyday. I take her on walks, we go to the beach, anything that makes her happy!

Other skills and qualifications.

I trained my own puppy and (not to brag) but she's amazing. Never chewed up anything and I think that's pretty good! :)


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About Amanda Dog Walking


I offer dog walking, pet sitting, and dog boarding. I will take them to the beach, for long walks, and take them hiking. I have plenty of toys at my house so they will love playing fetch or just chewing on a bone! Anything I can do to make your pet happy I will do!

Distance willing to travel to visit your home.


Accepted dog size.


The length of each walk.

1 hour1 hour

Last minute bookings.


Cancellation policy.

Strict (<72 hours, no refunds)Strict (<72 hours, no refunds)

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