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Amir's A Dog

by Mohamed   

  New York, NY | Dog Walking
About Mohamed & Guests

Im a pet lover of course why else would i do this job. I enjoy being with pets mostly dogs because i am an animal person, i defiantly have a strong connection with dogs, as well with lizards. Idk why but when it comes down to taming lizards, i do it best. I think cats are really cool pets especially when then love to interact.

I have a pit bull, she is family to us at home. she was trained by me personally as in i raised her to become a great dog. Ive had reptiles and amphibians since i was 10 till i was 18 so i am very well aware on how to take care of them. Ive taken care of my grandmas cats before when she had visited her homeland. but to be honest i am best with dogs.

My skills and qualifications.
I am good with training dogs
grooming dogs and exercising dogs. No qualifications just a lot of experience.


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About Amir's A Dog

The services that I offer.

Dog sitting, training, grooming and walking services.

The charges for my service.

$20 per walk, $45 dog sitting per night, $15 per visit,check up. $10 quick grooming. $20 full package grooming(showers,teeth brushing, nail clipping, etc.) if i have to travel far extra fees may apply.

Why does my service stand out.

Im great with pets with all the deals i have you're sure to give me a call back.

What I enjoy about the work I do.

Im used to doing this type of work, why not get paid for it.

My service is:


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USD30 /walk

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