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  Medina, Ohio | Dog Walking
About Bliss & Guests

I love pets of all kinds and am looking for a side job. All animals are absolutely beautiful to me. I am great with dogs, cats, snakes, invertebrates and other exotics. I am a very sociable person, and I learn quickly. I will make sure your pet feels 110% loved the whole time you're away. I'm great with Pitbulls** it's dumb I feel like I have to put that, I just know some are judgmental towards the breed. I'll love on them, too.

My parents have owned Maltese my entire life. (I am almost nineteen.) I am extremely close with one that we've had for nine years now, she is my world and we are thick as thieves. The best friend I've ever had. I also have pet millipedes and take excellent care of them. No pets intimidate me no matter the size or nature. I will love them all.

My skills and qualifications.
I don't have any training
just a deep love for pets. The ones listed are the ones I handle the best: dogs
other exotics. I can walk dogs or feed your pets or clean cages/terrariums. Anything
really. I'm just experienced from owning pets and being around the pets of others. I hope to be the one you choose to make your pet happy while you're gone! :)


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About Blissful Pet Services

The services that I offer.

I am great with all kinds of pets: Dogs, cats, invertebrates, snakes, and other exotics. I can walk them, clean cages/terrariums, empty litter boxes, feed pets (even if it requires feeding live animals. Im not squeamish.) if necessary, I can even administer medicine to your pets recovering from surgery or that have medications for any reason at all. :)

The charges for my service.

I understand that not everyone has a lot of money, and for that reason I am willing to either meet with you in person in a public place or talk on the phone to set a personal price for you. :)

Why does my service stand out.

I am not intimidated by any kinds of animals, and I know some (idiots) discriminate against Pitbulls. I do not. I dont mind dogs jumping on me or anything of the sort. I love all animals equally and I can even send pictures every so often (you can choose how often you want me to send them) to ensure you remain at ease while away from your beloved pet(s). Any special requests that you have, you can consider done.

What I enjoy about the work I do.

I love animals with a burning passion. I really do. I just want to care for your pets in a way that makes them know that they are loved, and lets you know that theyre loved, as well as your satisfaction. Like I said, special requests are no issue for. Every pet is different, and I will respect your wishes!

My service is:


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