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Hi I'm Ashley and I'm 20 years old and pets are amazing. I love being with pets because no matter who you are or what you do they don't judge you, they will always love you.
Currently I have two cats, they are very friendly. One cat is very energetic and crazy and the other one is very calm and sweet. They are good cats though. My parents (when I was still living there) have a Saint Bernard she's a very big dog and is very lazy! She did love to play tag a war, she's to old now to play.

Skills and qualifications

I'm good at grooming because I used to give my dog all her baths I can also give cats baths. I'm not a certified dog training but I could probably teach it how to sit and stay. I will though give your pet the most amount of love it needs to stay happy! I'm great with animals even if they have a hard time liking everyone, I can get them to like me.

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If you have a vacation to go to, You are welcome to bring them to my home. I live an a 1 bed room apartment so small to medium sized dogs are probably best, there is no backyard but I work at home so I'm home all day and able to bring them outside for a walk regularly so they can use the restroom. I live by many stores so I do a lot of walking and biking to places and love bringing dogs with me there. I also live pretty close to a big field where they can run and play fetch! They will need to be cat friendly, they are indoor/outdoor cats they are indoors a lot of the time though. If your dog needs any baths, medication, or any special requirements I'm willing to do whatever is needed to keep your dog happy and healthy!

Number of pets that will be watched at one time.


Accepted Pet Types


Accepted Pet size





Level of adult supervision.

Unsupervised for 1 - 2 hoursUnsupervised for 1 - 2 hours

The place your pet will be if they are left unsupervised at home.

Free roam of the houseFree roam of the house

The place your pet will sleep at night.

Wherever they wantWherever they want

The number of potty breaks provided per day.

Full access outsideFull access outside

The number of walks provided per day.


The type of home I stay in.


My outdoor area size.


Emergency transport.


The charges for my service.

For day boarding: $25 per day
-includes walks, play time, feeding

For over night stay: $35 per night
-includes baths (if needed), walks, place for them to sleep, feeding and any other requirements your dog might need!


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March 2017

I highly recommend Ashley for dog sitting/pet care she would come to our house daily and give our puppy walks, feed her, and give her plenty of attention! Our puppy loves her and so do we.

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Book via Petbacker to enjoy Premium Insurance, 24/7 support, booking guarantee, safe cashless payments, photo updates and more!

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