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Venus & Wendy love animals! We don't have any pets of our own therefore all of
our LOVE and ATTENTION goes to your fur-babies! We love pets because of their spirit, attitude in life and their unconditional love! If we all acted and thought like cats and dogs this world would be a place of bliss! We adore their gentle nature and how they interact with us. We truly feel as though dogs and cats are like children or the elderly-they have so much love and happiness to give but we must be their voice. With Venus and Wendy, we treat all animals fairly and with the speciality it is that makes them each unique. There is no such thing as too much LOVE!
Amanda, 14 y/o, Jack Russell
Amanda was special as she was very jealous Jack Russell Terrier. We instituted in her how to behave correctly around people and other pets through repetition and training.
Alex, 17 y/o, Persian
Throughout Alex's older years he requires medicine both orally and topically. We cared for him, providing love and his medicine until he passed away.
With both Amanda and Alex we had so many fond memories. Unfortunately, since their passing we'd rather stick to loving your animals as we cannot go through another heartbreak.

Other skills

Venus worked as a Veterinarian Assistant in her 20's for 8 years at Kind Animal Hospital. During her residency she learned the following: calm down aggressive pet(s) administer pet massage grooming and cleaning administer medication Wendy invested many hours volunteering at the Humane Society. When she volunteered she was in charge of the following: walking all sized dogs picking up all waste in charge of the most skittish/nervous pets due to her calming presence.

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Venus and Wendy offer visits to your residence where they will re-stock water/food, walk & play, spend quality time that makes your fur-babies forget your even gone!

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