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by Hailey   

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Iv always been a animal person I love all kinds I'm mainly a dog person I love the excitement they bring when they get pet it's just so cute
Every dog I had was always from the pound or a lost dog I always cared about dogs finding a home and I was always ended up wanting them so I took care of lost dogs so I had many different kinds

Skills and qualifications

I can teach a dog slowly how to sit and I'm always great at having the dog wanting to be near me I'm super playful with pets and loving so I'm good at having them paying attention to me

About Doggie Palace




So In doggie palace aka my open space apartment they have a big open room to play in and to eat I have a huge bed they can lay on always clean through out they day give restroom breaks and 3 hour walk morning and night

Number of pets that will be watched at one time.


Accepted Pet Types

Guinea PigsGuinea Pigs

Accepted Pet size









Level of adult supervision.

Pets will never be left unattendedPets will never be left unattended

The place your pet will be if they are left unsupervised at home.

Free roam of the houseFree roam of the house

The place your pet will sleep at night.

Wherever they wantWherever they want

The number of potty breaks provided per day.


The number of walks provided per day.


The type of home I stay in.


My outdoor area size.


Emergency transport.


The charges for my service.

1-5 hours $35 24hr $55


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