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I'm an animal lover! I've owned dogs,cat, rats, axolotls, scorpions, bearded, iguana, fish!
My baby's are my whole world and every animal that walks through my home will be treated with the best care possible and be treated as apart of my pack.
currently in my possession I have 3 dogs
1 cat
an axolotl
A scorpian
several rats
and a tortoise :)
every morning no matter what I do I always wake up extra early to care for everyone before work or anything I have to do that morning :)

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I'm not a perfect dog mom my dogs and cat get into things, sometimes all my animals gets treats all day long, sometimes mama loses track of someone but I can promise you your dog will be treated as family in my home no different then any other animal in my home :)

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Your baby no matter how big or small will have plenty of friends and human contact and will be rarely left alone in the home as I stay at home. We free eat in my home, they come and go outside as they please and if you have an escape artist that can be felt with as well as I do and I try to stay a step ahead of my kids lol.
I constantly rearrange my home to better fit my animals to have more open space to play. sometimes we find something safe for to play with but also tear up and just be a dog. Depending on the weather we like to play in the rain and mud and if it's to hot we play inside (sadly we have yet to get a puppy pool for everyone but we are getting there!)
Depending on how everyone gets along and how everyone sleeps and personality you baby can sleep in the crate locked up, not locked up, in my own bed or wherever they want in the living room couch my children have free roam in my home :)

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