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I love all animals from domesticated to wild. I believe animals are our equals and we are meant to live in harmony with them on this planet. And of course we are meant to coexist with the planet.
I own two cats since they were 5 weeks. They were abandoned and left in a dumpster. Morty and princess Peach. They are about a year old now. I also have two dogs. Rex a Pitbull and Paco a Rottweiler. Rex is my significant other's dog. He raised him from 10 weeks and has had him since . He is four years now and going to be 5 in November. He absolutely loves kids and other animals and is the sweetest pit I have met. Paco is a little more energetic but sweet as well. He is a new addition to the family, I adopted him from his loving owner that couldn't bring him to his new apartment because of the size. Fortunately we have a big back yard for him to play in.

Skills and qualifications

I am not certified but I have experience training and grooming with my own animals. I feel sometimes it is easier for me to bond and "communicate" with animals rather than I have rode horses since I was 8 and know how to care after them.

Resident Pets

Princess peach

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I can offer many services including boarding,grooming, and daycare. I spend most of my time at home and will be with the animals majority of the time. I have a large yard that is full of toys and a large water supply and a small open shed for shade not to mention the many trees that provide shade. If I am permitted to I can take your pet to the beach since I live really close. Of course cuddles and love will be provided as well.

Number of pets that will be watched at one time.


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Guinea PigsGuinea Pigs

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Level of adult supervision.

Unsupervised for no more than 1 hourUnsupervised for no more than 1 hour

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Outside in my private yardOutside in my private yard

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Full access outsideFull access outside

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30/per day


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March 2017

Gabby is professional and kind, i travel a lot with work therefor needing pet car for my dog. she is a animal lover and responsible. I would highly recommend her services.

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