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I am a pet lover. I enjoy being around animals because they make me happy. Dogs have an ability to love unconditionally.
I have a dog name Stewie. He is mixed with Terroir, Dachshund, and Yorkie. He is currently four years old. I adopted him two and a half years ago. Stewie was very anxious at first . I felt bad for the poor little fella. In time he was able to adjust and he was able to open up. At first he hid underneath the sofa and bark at whoever came in the house. Now he is very easy going and loves the attention. He loves to play and surprisingly he still loves to bark as if he is talking. He loves to cuddle when taking a nap. He loves to run out side in the yard. Stewie loves walks around the neighborhood. He is such a good boy he gets his special treats. He is well trained I call him my little gentleman. He is a very sensitive dog but Stewie loves to share the love.

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I'm currently an intern at an animal hospital.

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I have a dog. Every mourning i will brush his teeth and I will let him go outside. He loves to stretch and roam the yard. The yard is large and gated. Depending on how nice the weather is, I will let him spend sometime outside. I check on him from time to time. Sometimes, I will give him enough time to relieve himself so we can soon get ready for a walk around the neighborhood for some exercise and so he can get some fresh air. We do spend most of the day inside. Sometimes, he will be reserved some where in the living room wanting space. Most of the time, all the time, he is very active and loves to follow you. He loves to play with his toys. He loves his naps. He loves rubs and scratchies behind his ear or around his legs. He love attention. He also loves to bark but it's more like talking because he is so excited.

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