8 CORGIS living in a house?!

8 CORGIS living in a house?!

Corgi has been known as the cutest dog among other dogs. Mostly because of their short legs, big butts, and a variety of expressions on their face. 1 Corgi is already enough to heal people, however, what will happen if there are 9 at the time? It seems horrible but eventually blissful with all the Corgis’ love. In Korea, there is an owner who raised 8 Corgis at once. Yes, it is indeed 8 neither 1 nor 2. In the very beginning, there were only two Corgis in the house which were Lego and Jenny. Later, Jenny grew up and they both fall in love. In a while, there were 6 little Corgi came out and all of them are healthy and adorable. The owner decided to keep all of them at last and now they were all grown up and stay lively all the time. The owner also built a small courtyard for them to run around and have a more free and wider life among them. 

This is how the 8 Corgi House family be at home.

 A few days ago, the owner took these 8 Corgis to have their very first challenge of canoeing nearby their house. That chubby body, coupled with short limbs, and their clumsy movement made many of the users laughed with cuteness overload! All 8 Corgis are so obedient as the owner signaled them to stand in a row on the canoe board to take a photo of it.

[youtube url="https://youtu.be/Qy8REM7u6dw"]

The 8 Corgis were basically stuck together all the time, such as their daily walks,


Even when they are getting treats, they should go one by one!

[youtube url="https://youtu.be/G6URCMXcky4"]

What makes them so famous in a short time is that there is a video where the owner feeds them DURIANS! And they were all drooling while waiting for their turns.

[youtube url="https://youtu.be/_slbERwVytw"]

Plus, if you are wondering that is durian safe for dogs to eat? Well, according to our online research, dogs CAN eat durian, but in a very small quantity. This is because durian is high in fats and calories and feeding too much of it to our dog will put them at risk of having obesity. Ensure that your dog exercises regularly to prevent the accumulation of fats in their bodies! However, while the fruit itself is not toxic to dogs, the seeds, outer skin, and stems are like poison to them! This is because the seeds contain cyanide which can harm their brains and hearts which will ultimately kill them.

In fact, raising a dog is the same as raising a child. It does not only use your time and energy but also hard work to provide them with a better condition. If you do not have any sense of responsibility and love for them, pets could be just a dirty and annoying thing to you. However, if you decide to treat them sincerely by giving all your love and staying with them from day and night. In a nutshell, you will definitely gain more happiness than troubles!

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