How Husky can be that CUTE and ADORABLE?!

How Husky can be that CUTE and ADORABLE?!

Presumably, there are a lot of viral videos about Huskies doing a lot of cute things on the Internet. They are well-known for being a silly head in their lifestyle. Speaking of huskies, we have endless stories. We all know their stupidity especially for people who have raised huskies, they concluded "I have never won a fight with them."

The white dog was thinking: Why are you so fierce to me...

But this kind of dog is deeply loved by people, and they often make some cute moves to melt people's hearts! When you are busy doing work, it will run over to grab your keyboard with its paws, and if you reach out to hit him, it will run away. Huskies not only have a beautiful appearance; they are also very cute. In some families without children, dogs are like their children. They eat together and sleep together. The Huskies play everywhere while the owner went to work and sleeps with the owner while eating some snacks and watch their favorite TV shows together at night. There are times they will even come over and disturb you, hoping to seek your attention, pretending to bite onto your hands. What makes people love them so much is that it brings too much fun and joy to people!

Husky who hold grudges

Shared a story about huskies. One day the owner came up with a strange idea from nowhere and gave the Huskies a bowl of "soil". The Husky grinned at the owner and he laughed at the reaction of the Husky. However, the Husky remembered his owner’s doing.

The next day, the owner went to work and the husky decided to launch frantic revenge. Biting the clothes and furniture, causing a huge mess in the house! The owner was shocked to find out about this tragic scene later on.

There was once the owner was sleeping in the bedroom, he suddenly heard the dog in the living room screaming. He was startled and woke up from his dream for an instant, thinking that something had happened to his dog. It turned out that the dog had somehow stuck its three legs in its mouth and couldn't take it out. He was confused and not sure whether he should be laughing or be mad at his dog for being foolish.

Agility Dog Competition

Besides that, there is an agility dog ​​competition in foreign countries. The dogs must not only have the winning speed but also be smart enough to listen to the trainer’s command and be able to concentrate on completing the competition. Surprisingly there was a Husky participating this time. Everyone is familiar with Husky’s character; he is cute and adorable, yet they are usually difficult to be concentrate on and train as they are quite stubborn.

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Many users have given a comparison of the competition process between Husky and Border Shepherd. Both show very contrasting results. The Shepherd and the other dogs tried their best to finish the game. Whereas the Husky was only preparing to run when the camera point towards him and was sitting there leisurely the whole time. It was distracted several times throughout the whole process until it wanted to skip some level for a while, but it was completed absently under the guidance of the trainer. The whole competition is completed with a pace as slow as walking in the park. The host and the audience enjoyed how foolish the Husky was being and had a blast of laugh about it.

Accompany your Husky

In conclusion, although Huskies are not very large dogs, they are very energetic. My advice to Husky owners, try to take your Husky out for exercises every day for a few hours, this helps them to release their energy somewhere else rather than biting over furniture. Of course, owners must pay attention to the weather as well in order to keep the dogs warm. If the dogs are used to sleeping on the ground, it is best to put a thick blanket on the places where they often sleep to prevent them from catching a cold.

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