New Year’s Resolution 2021 for your pets!

New Year’s Resolution 2021 for your pets!

Woof! Woof! Are you ever curious about a dog’s inner thinking whenever we did something wrong or get excited with the treats? I am here to help my paws friends to announce the New Year’s Resolution for 2021 and hope that all dog owners could understand us more and we would stay together happily forever.

Before I go into the topic, just a pawly reminder here that although there are many people who enjoy fireworks over New Year’s Eve, yet fireworks are very terrifying for me and my paws friends. We as companion animals are afraid of loud bangs and sudden bright flashes of light, like thunderstorms and fireworks. As a dog owner, you should help us to reduce our anxiety by keeping us in a secure room indoors, make sure that we all wear collars with identification tags at all times, even if we only live indoors, keep alcohol away from us, never let us outside during fireworks, distract us and clean up firework debris before letting us outside.

New Year’s Resolution 2021
Hi there, my pet owner! Here is my New Year’s Resolution for 2021. I hope we can work it out together happily!

1# Drink more water
I will feel thirsty too. Did you know that dogs are recommended to consume as much water as human daily? Try to keep an eye out on my water bowl and fill it up as soon as it went empty! I hope that you would remember to fill up my bowl whenever you take a sip of water, let's keep hydrated and healthy together!

2# Look at things from a new perspective
Stuck in a rut? I should take a lesson from the cat on this one. Flipping my head upside down and look at the situation from a totally new angle. Fed up being a dog, try being a cat, play like a cat, feel confident as a cat, sleep like a cat. I will surely discover everything differently!

3# Play more stress less
Plato said, “Life must be lived as play”. Finding the time in life to play is an important factor to balance out the stressors in life. I was born to play for my whole life, bring me out even for just a walk or picnic. If you can have ME time, I should have mine too!

4# Nap often
A nap will help in refreshing my mind and bringing a better perspective. Ever wonder why cats always have that wise look? Cats spend most of the day napping. They would nap as much as they can, so do dogs too. I would definitely have my energy back to play more after a long long nap!

5# Say you’re sorry
They said pets are masters at getting into trouble and then giving the most heart-felt puppy-eyes “Sorry” look. Even like that I will still go and do the same thing again and again. That’s what makes fun being a dog every day. You should forgive us and reduce the frequency of scolding us because you love us anyway.

6# Challenge your brain
It’s never too late to learn a new trick! Let me try any new hobby or activity in order to stimulate my brain by keeping it sharp to learn more tricks efficiently. There are more of my friends who are getting smarter these days, especially those who I saw on the Internet who are trained to understand the human language. I would love to learn that, so I could ask for more treats next time!

7# Get a check-up
They say that the greatest wealth is health. Keeping up with annual exams is important for long term health, for me as well. Although sometimes we look like we are refusing to go to the vets yet we know it is good for our health. Don’t try to trick us into going for a walk, we know everything! It would be more efficient if you bring along with treats!

2021 New Year, New Pets Rules!
Finally, this rollercoaster of a year is coming to an end and the anticipation for better times is contagious. People all over the world are already establishing their New Year resolutions and plans. This year will give us the opportunity to start afresh and work towards rebuilding the world after the pandemic and even bettering ourselves in order to avoid such global suffering again. May there be less cruelty and more love and kindness to all. With our furry friends being such an important part of our lives, the New Year is a great time to commit to making their health and well-being an even bigger priority. Lastly, Happy New Year 2021 to all the pets, pet sitters, and backers around the world!

Here is a throwback to the year of 2018 New Year funny video where pets are broadcasting news to you all!

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