Orange cat slept WHOLE DAY has gone VIRAL into MEME?!!

Orange cat slept WHOLE DAY has gone VIRAL into MEME?!!

This chubby little short-legged orange cat is called "Fuxiang" and weighs 4 kg. It’s kind of small, yet his body shape is very round. Normally, his biggest interest is sleeping, and he usually sleeps for a whole day. His average sleeping duration is about 10 hours or more. His owners who go out to work often mistakenly think that the pet camera is broken as the picture shown from the camera always remains in one sleeping position.

Even trimming its nails won't wake him up!

Xiang, who leads a happy life now, had stayed on the street before. Xiang has a smaller body size than a usual cat because of his four short legs which lead him got into bullied by stray cats. In 2016, Xiang had a dispute with a class of stray cats and was seriously injured. At this moment, he met the current owner and being taken to the pet clinic. After the test, it was found that Xiang was suffering from cat AIDS, and his teeth were almost lost. The owner did not give up on him while choose to take good care of him.

He now lived with another stray cat called "Shuai". Shuai is homeless as his original owner passed away. Through the photo posted online of Shuai, the owner thought that it might be as small as Xiang. So, he decided to adopt him back. As a result, the unexpected Shuai is taller and slender than Xiang. Shuai has a very cold personality at first as he would keep a distance from Xiang yet both live together happily now. Occasionally they would fight or compete for the cat litter, the relationship between them got better day by day, and the two cats seemed like clinging to their father.

Xiang seems able to sleep everywhere~

Ahem, sir, you’re in my spot.

‘Run, Xiang!’ FB has 290,000 followers now and its owner also explained the meaning of the page name is hoping that Xiang can remain cheerful and lively forever. The owner also mentioned that fans often joked that he was lying about the page name because Xiang was often sleeping (not running).

Some of Xiang’s photos were used in MEME.

Xiang had always been mischievous in trying to steal his owner’s food but was being caught and his eyes showed disbelief to the owner. Such adorable!

However, a cat keeper does not feed your cat more in order for them to become fatter and cuter like Xiang. Xiang's situation is because of his health issue which causes him to have a fatter body. Remember to provide them with sufficient nutrients and foods only, instead of overly feeding them into obesity. Every pets' safety and health is the priority rules of PetBacker, we will ensure that you could be at ease to leave your pets to the pet sitter.

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