Why cats are not as friendly as dogs? 3 facts about it

Why cats are not as friendly as dogs? 3 facts about it

There is a say that most people in this world like dogs more than cats because of their enthusiasm and livelier while feel alienates from cats. According to a BBC report stated that most cats could take care of themselves well. There are people who keep a cat but expecting them to be as passionate as a dog. This comes to the point where the inner emotions of cats are difficult to be predicted. The Cat owner has to investigate them carefully, such as the direction of the tail movement, smooth or wrinkled cat hair, and the movement of ears and beard hair. The purring of cats often represents harmony or pride. Normally, it is hard to tell from the overall movements of cats whether it is the right timing to approach them or not. 

On the contrary, dogs are born with no way to decorate their inner emotions as they will fidget, wag their tails, be anxious and all those actions manifested in their behavior. The owners can also easily see through their thoughts.

Domestication Process
To understand why cats are so cold-hearted, we should start from the beginning of the domestication process.

The journey of cats into human life is relatively gradual. The earliest domesticated cats were in the Neolithic countryside in the Middle East about 10,000 years ago. At that time, cats did not rely on humans for food to survive. They tend to hunt prey on their own while preventing rodent infestation in human granaries. The independence of cats is described as indifference, arrogance, and selfishness, while those who dislike cats say that cats are like human pets only when they eat. In fact, humans have definitely misunderstood cats. Dogs and humans have a long history of living together which makes them look very similar. It can almost be said that both have co-evolved. However, the domestication time of cats is relatively shorter, and their ancestors lived alone rather than socialized in groups.

Secondly, the actions of a cat are one of a kind compare to dogs. This is because the way cats express themselves will sometimes misinterpret the humans' minds. There are fewer scientific investigations on their feelings and communicative ability of cats than dogs. There is a big difference in the communicative ability between cats and humans and it depends on the cat's 6 to 8 weeks old experience. If the cat has experienced a positive body odor of getting along with humans in this temporary period, then it will be more likely for them to be close to humans in the future. As said if there is an increase in the difference between cats being close to humans, then the higher chances the stray cats are more likely to hide from humans in the street.

Do you ever have the same thinking that the eyes of cats seem to make you feel indifferent and ruthless? Relatively, if there are two cats looking into each other eyes like that it could be a sign of a big fight. If you find that the cats in the house are gradually squinting their eyes and looking at you, that's their way of showing love to you. If the cat turns his head to you, it's not arrogant or contemptuous but a relaxed expression

Chistende once said that a relaxed cat is more likely to make friends with humans. If humans usually satisfy the basic needs of the cat, such as food, water, sleeping places, and toilets, cats might begin to explore social interactions with humans. 

Cats are lovely too
PetBacker here to advise you, if you as a pet sitter have encountered cats that do not interact with you, do not need to be panic or try to figure out different away to get their attention. Sit down, stay calm, and observe their actions silently. If they have no action to seeing you instead of they just sits on the sofa looking at you or lays lazily on the ground while stretching their body, please do not feel disappointed! This is actually how a cat expresses itself by welcoming you. 

PetBacker has provided a platform for everyone to have the opportunity in becoming a pet sitter. After getting approved by our system do not hesitate at accepting more offer from the cat's owner, you might somehow get along with them and starts to love them as much as dogs!

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