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Hi, I am Jennifer. I absolutely love animals, any type, except snakes. I have a fear of them. I can't remember a time in my life where I wasn't around various animals at home. I think I sometimes get along better with the than I do people.
I have two choclate labs, both rescues. One is named Bella Grace. She is about 9 years but we don't know for sure. She has had a few fear issues and was not potty trained when we adopted her 3 years ago. She is doing great now. The other is Hope, she is going to be 4 soon. She is very much behind socially and mentally due to the circumstances she came from. Very energetic. We also have a huskie cross that came fromNWT reserve. Her name is Luna, she is about 5. A lot of behaviour issues. Then we have a deaf border collie. Her name is willow, she is about 7-8 years, came from shelter. And last but not least we have a jack Russell crossed with blue healer. His name is Ozzy and he is 4. Very intense dog. We do all their caregiving, walking, training, grooming and doctoring when needed except for vet care when needed. We also fostered dogs from a rescue where we welded puppies and took care of dogs til they were adopted. We could not continue due to keeping some of the harder to adopt dogs. nWe also have three rescue bunnies, two parrotlets and fish that we care for in the same way. I have also had cuts most of my life but due to some of our dogs behaviour we can't have them at this time. I have also had experience with horses, cockatiels and other small animals.

Skills and qualifications

I feel like I am really good at reading animals and can't act accordingly. Most animals naturally love me.

Resident Pets

Bell Grace

About Jenn Reiki Pet Sitting

The services that I offer.

I am able to come to your house, feed, clean up after and just spend a couple hours with your pet.During this time I can play, cuddle, just hang out or walk your pet. I am unable to stay over night due to my pets needs though my spouse shares in this responsibility.
I am also taking a animal reiki course. I will be able to provide these skills as well in the near future.

The charges for my service.

Negotiable depending on needs. I am fair about rates.

Why does my service stand out.

I am great with pets and I truly love taking care of them. I am big into energy work and reading animals energy. I will be able to provide reiki in the near future.

What I enjoy about the work I do.

Just spending time with pets and ensuring they are being cared for. I feel like animals give so much unconditional love and they really do make the world a better place. There good nature and love is contagious. Make my day better

My service is



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