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  Doha, Doha | Pet Boarding

Can also work at Al Sadd

6 Completed Bookings

6 Completed Bookings

 Doha, Doha | Pet Boarding Can also work at Al Sadd

I'm someone who loves cats and I find happiness in taking care of them
I own 2 cats, one domesticated called Charcoal, about 6 months old, and second a Persian cat. Both are very loving and affectionate once they get to know their new friend. Both female, and neither is spayed for now
I will allow the cats to roam freely all over the apartment..will regularly clean their litter and will give them a bath if needed by the owner..I will also find dedicated play time with the cats to make sure they are happy and healthy..I have a large cathouse as well as a smaller one if your cat wants to use it
I find joy in feeding cats, playing with them and seeing them eat eagerly

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10 Reviews


September 2022

PetBacker Verified
Great experience!


September 2022

I think my cat enjoyed his time with Ahsan. He has a cat which is very friendly, and my cat had a lot of play time with his new friend. When I picked up my cat he looked calm and comfortable. I think he didn’t want to come back with me 😅. Ahsan maintained his hygiene very ...Read More


August 2022

PetBacker Verified
Excellent experience ! Aehtesham took perfectly care of our cat, who was calm and in a very good shape when we came back. We will entrust our cat to Aehtesham again without hesitation ! Thank you for everything !!!


August 2022

PetBacker Verified
Excellent service.


March 2022

Review for Pet
Choco is such a gentle, sweet, snuggly girl. She won’t rest until you pick her up and hold her. The kittens are adorable and hilarious with their playful antics. Ahsan is a lovely parent and made the job super easy and enjoyable. Hope to work with you again!!

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