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Riviera Ln, La Mirada, CA
Dog Walking

About Christina

I am currently a college student and I want to expand my experience through my love of animals . I grew up with pets all my life and am an avid advocate for animal rights .

Currently I have an adopted mutt names Koda and my roommate has a Great Pyrenees , a terrier and 3 rescued cats .

Other skills and qualifications.

Due to focusing on school I do not have a diverse background with acquiring certification but I did apply to become a massage therapist recently and I am planning to attend in the summer .

About Christina Dog Service Provider

Listing Summary.

I will provide an array of services such as : dog sitting , dog walker , giving them baths and keeping them active when owners are away , and also feeding them on time . I will also drive pets to the groomers or to the vet in my own vehicle . And I am willing to go the extra mile on researching about the certain breed that the owners have in order to be prepared and cater towards their needs . In times of emergency I will be responsible and contact the owners immediately and keep the animal hospital number in my contacts . Since I know what having a pet that is like a family member is like , I will take care of whatever animal with care and love . With my educational background and work ethnics I will ensure the best and your trust .

Distance willing to travel to visit your home.


Accepted dog size.








The length of each walk.

1 hour1 hour

Last minute bookings.


Cancellation policy.

Flexible (Always refundable)Flexible (Always refundable)

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