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OPEN FOR THE 4TH! Please take 5 minutes to read below as major changes have been implemented.


15$ Per night
( any pickup after 11:00 pm is an additional charge of 1 night)

Baths 10$

Puppy rate 20$

Cats/ small animals 10$

Daycare 15$ ( 6 am - 8pm)
Booking With Me
( Dont be afraid to message me at awkward hours I may be asleep but im usually up at crazy times )

I love what I do! I'm sure your pet will have a blast here as I am all about
socialization with others. Please note that I am EXTREMELY selective about clients I will board with, as you should be when selecting a sitter.
I send updates 3x per day ( Morning,noon,night) You do not have to reply, this is just to ensure you were updated about your pet. Your pet will only be fed the food that your provide for them. I will not give them other dogs food nor treats unless packed with them. This is a safety precaution incase something might upset their stomach.

Please be on time for pickups/drop offs . If your going to be running late please let me know ahead of time ,and not at the last minute. Lastly , please be 100% honest about your pet . I will not discriminate over anything such as temperament, seperation anxiety ,pre-existing conditions etc but I do need to take preventative measures; and if there is any change in your animals health while in my car you will be notified ASAP.
Meet -N- Greets

Meet n greets are not mandatory unless your dog will be staying long -term ( anything more than 5 days). If you'd like to do one please let me know beforehand so we can set up a time. Im available early in the morning and late in the evening.
Miscellaneous & Closer
Please let me know if a 3rd party will be picking up and dropping off for you. Please note that it is normal for your dog to be a little scared or nervous especially if its their first time with someone else. Common symptoms include; loss of appetite, diarrhea, general timidness, and some will even vomit. Please be respectful at all times and remember us sitters try our best. The experience of booking with me is completely voluntary but recommended :)
I'm a natural resources & wildlife grad . I've experienced all types of animals through education and other things . I've built up a reputable client base and I'm trying to further my career with many different platforms

Skills and qualifications

Experienced with senior and aggressive animals

About Boarding



The services that I offer.

Overnight boarding for animals ( cheaper rates for cats ) Long term boarding okay . NO BREED RESTRICTIONS .

The charges for my service.

15$ per dog per night

Why does my service stand out.

affordable boarding for your pet . won't be cooped in a kennel all day.

What I enjoy about the work I do.

I'm around animals 24/7 , it doesn't get any better !

My service is



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