Feb 18th, 2018 (TV2)

 Video Transcription

When going for holidays or travelling, do you worry there is no one to care for your pets at home? In this technology driven era, instead of asking friends and family to help out, pet parents can also search for pet sitters through a mobile app... to find suitable pet sitters who can provide pet boarding services in their home.

Let’s take a look at this mobile application. PetBacker is a free mobile application that helps you to find pet care service providers. The PetBacker application allow users to reach out to the nearest available pet sitters, or to register as a pet sitter to provides various pet care services. 

By seeing the potential demand, co-founder Mr Tee was inspired and decided to set up this application. This application allows pet parents to reach out to pet sitters in a faster and more convenient way,  and received a lot of interest and appreciation from users. 

There are over 50 countries around the world with 20 thousand over of pet sitters and hundreds of thousands of pet parents. In Malaysia, we have 1200 pet sitters, and we believe, 700 of them are active sitters, they would help in pet sitting.

To attract more users, the R & D team continue to improve and simplify the application. Users can easily find pet sitters in just a few simple steps, and pet-lovers can also upload their own information. 

"This is our App, when you start the App, you will see all nearby pet sitters. For example, let's look at this sitter, you can see her photos and reviews. From here, users can also choose other services. This is the inbox, and chat room where pet owners and sitters can exchange messages and photos. if interested, just click here to check the quotation."  says Mr Khoo.

As pets are taken care of by strangers many people are worried about whether there will be an accident or an unpleasant event. R & D team also take these concerns into account in order to be able to provide better protection of pets.

"By booking through the Application, our insurance company is informed of the pets for insurance protection, for example, if the pet is being boarding for seven days, then 7 days protection will be given. If an accident happens, we will compensate up to USD$3000" says Mr Tee.

Not only that, other than being able to find a nearby pet sitter, the owner can also find different services. These include pet grooming, pet transportation, or dog walking service. 

The popularization of smartphones now allows pet owners to find reliable pet sitters through mobile apps. At the same time, allows pet-lovers to earn extra income by taking care of pets. 

One of the users said, she became interested in being a pet sitter after searching for pet sitters for her pet. As a result, she became one of the pet sitters that provides pet service for the other pet parents. 

"At first, I wanted to send my cat over, then I realized, I can also provide such a service for other people. This is a platform that provides opportunities for people that like animals but not able to have one themselves. Maybe he/she's a student, or working temporarily here. It allows them to provide such a service, and at the same time enjoy playing with pets. The app not only lets pet lovers to know other pet-loving people, but also help more pet owners to solve pet care issues. " says Amelisa.

"I like animals very much, especially dogs. I found that this App allows me to be friends with other pet lovers, and allow me to take care of their pets when they are away on holidays. Sometimes when I saw pets that are lack of nutrition, I would even cook for them." says Yen.

Today, pets have slowly become a part of many families, bringing a lot of joy to the family. Therefore, no matter how busy they are, pet owners would arrange for someone to care for their pets before traveling or returning to hometown during festive seasons. 

With the PetBacker Mobile App, searching for the right pet sitters is easier than ever. The pets get much better care. Pet parents also gets peace of mind when they are away.